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 CAUTION! This is an article about Blaze the Cat in MegaPhantaze's universe. The many sections of the article are not official and has nothing to do with the original Blaze the Cat. 

Blaze the Cat is a ruler of her kingdom in Sol dimension. She guards Sol emeralds, which has magnificent powers. After meeting Sonic, she realized the true meaning of friendship and discovered many adventures.


Blaze is a lavender Lila Burma-raced cat, who wears purple dress, white gloves and magenta-colored high- heels. On head, she wears a red gem on forehead and red headband. There's also manttel on her neck.


Blaze is cool and calm girl, who sometimes takes her job too seriously. Although she won't admit it, she has a fear of heights. When meeting Sonic, she has gone shy among anyone. Blaze is also anti-social person, who dislikes relying on others.


Blaze got sent into Sonic's world to find lost and stolen Sol emeralds. When she found all emeralds, she became a friend of Cream and other characters. She spent most of her time with Silver, but shows mostly loyalty to Sonic the Hedgehog, her boyfriend.

After 9 years  of adventures, Sol emeralds sent her back to Sonic's world to stop their new nemesis, Yukon the Robot emperor. She got alongside her fire powers a whole new arsenal.

The other version of her history tells, that she fell in love with the Phantom Blot and married each other. They both retired from their job, only to concentrate to their life and keeping Sol emeralds with themselves.


Blaze has the ability to control fire. She thinks, that it's a curse, though. She can control flames and put end to them. 

In Hero of Mobius-series, Blaze has a variety of weapons installed to her arm cannon made by Pilot the Blot. She has defeated many robots and got lots of weapons. 

List of Blaze's weapons

  • Fire tornado (Her main weapon)
  • Fire Storm
  • Atomic fire
  • Gemini laser
  • Pharaoh shot
  • Napalm bomb
  • Flame blast
  • Scorch wheel
  • Flame sword
  • Burner wave
  • Magma Bazooka
  • Solar Blaze
  • Photon Missile
  • Nitro Blast
  • Torch arm
  • Phantom Fuse
  • Fire Wall
  • Scorch flame
  • Heat ice
  • Smart bomb
  • Barbeque Storm
  • Flaming wave
  • Remote mine
  • Laser Claw
  • Roman Candle
  • Magma Shot
  • Welding Wall
  • Polter Whisp
  • Mega ball


Blaze seems to dance as a hobby, and especially balette. Her moves are actually a moves used in balette. She is also an acrobatic, who is as fast as Sonic himself. Blaze is also intelligent cat, whose extra ability is to be healed by being on flames.


Blaze's weak spot is her head, which is sensitive for kicks and punches. She is also scared of heights, so she is weak in fights, which takes place at high places. Although Blaze likes swimming as a hobby, water is her weakness in battle.

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