Blaze Hopewell is a main protagonist of Re: Silver Underground.


Blaze is the daughter of the mayor of Sol Town, Leonidas. However, it was not a healthy relationship. Her father would abuse her emotionally, and if angry enough, physically, in order for her to take over for him when he retired. Blaze's mother died from cancer when she was 7, leaving her with her father. When she became 14, she started to wear her grandmother's medallion as a way to cope with the abuse, and would play it when she was feeling depressed.


Blaze wears a purple hoodie over a white tank top, and white jeans. She doesn't have a red gem in her head.


Blaze is social and kind person. She enjoys being with friends, and helps people in need. However, she has a terrifying side when angered.


Blaze's Medallion takes the form of Bass Guitar.

  • Pyrokinesis: Blaze can use her guitar to create and control fire.


Silver: Blaze met Silver in Sol Town, and they became fast friends. It is hinted Blaze has a crush on him.

Leonidas: Blaze's Father. Blaze hates him for his abusive and controlling personality.

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