Blast the Lycanroc is a male Midday Lycanroc who makes a brief appearance in Hunter's Trial, Austin's Exile, and Search for the Lost Warriors. He is a former Sun Pack warrior-turned-loner who was Lucas the Lycanroc's mentor when the Storm Fighter was a Rockruff in the Pack. In Search for the Lost Warriors, Blast dies of old age.


Being a Midday Lycanroc, Blast has the appearance of a non-anthropomorphic wolf with tan fur, white paws, blue eyes, and brown claws. He has a thick white mane and bushy white tail, a white face and muzzle, five visible rocky spikes in his mane, a brown nose, and brown-tipped pointed ears.


Blast is a calm, snarky person. Despite his old age, Blast still has a sharp tongue and is unafraid to speak his mind.


Blast's past is unknown outside of his life in the Melemele Sun Pack and his status as Lucas' mentor.

Hunter's Trial: Blast first appears alongside Lucas(as Rockruff) when they visit the mountainous home of Bakyamo the Cubone, Puck the Sandshrew, and Veila the Vulpix. After some insistence from Lucas, Blast allows the three friends to come along. Later, when they're blocked from the Altar of the Sun by a Moon Pack of Midnight Lycanroc, Blast demands for them to let them through, but they are attacked. The five manage to escape unharmed(thanks to help from the Island's deity), and Blast takes Lucas to be evolved, later leaving with his former apprentice.

The Night Rogue: Blast appears after Lycus is badly beaten by Finitevus(who was never named during the fight). While regaining consciousness, Lycus sees Blast's long, pale legs as he lays a Mago Berry in front of him. Blast warns Lycus about Finitevus, with word having spread through Alola about the mad villain. Lycus growls that he already met Finitevus, and Blast warns him not to listen to anything the mad doctor had to say before he walks away, leaving Lycus to recover from his injuries.

Austin's Exile: It is mentioned that after the Sun Pack of the Island Austin and Storm are staying on left, Blast chose to stay behind, partly because of his old age. Later, when Finitevus arrives to question him on Austin and Storm's whereabouts(unaware they were hiding), Blast expertly keeps that knowledge hidden while snarking repeatedly at the mad villain. He isn't seen afterward, since the two rogue warriors leave the Island.

Search for the Lost Warriors: After Lucas arrives at his old home, he finds Blast lying motionless on the ground. Seeing Lucas, Blast thanks him for coming, and asks him to help move him to the grass, so he's more comfortable. Lucas does so, and asks Blast if he knows where Austin and Storm are. Blast says no, stating that after they fled the Ten Carat Hill, they never returned. He adds that Ice Fang, the Albino Midday rogue on the mountain knows where they are. Lucas thanks him and decides to stay with his old mentor until he passes away. After that, Lucas buries him and sits vigil until dawn, when he leaves to find Ice Fang. Blast is later mentioned by Lucas when he is bringing Austin and Storm home. When Austin asks how Lucas found them, Lucas mentions that Blast directed him to Ice Fang, who told him where they were, adding that Blast is dead. Austin sympathizes with the Lycanroc, saying he regrets the fact they never thanked Blast for his hospitality.


Unknown, since his moveset was never revealed.


Blast's Ability was never revealed or mentioned, but it's likely either Keen Eye or Sand Rush


Like all Midday Lycanroc, Blast possessed incredible speed and agility, but it was never shown since he was never seen entering battle, and he was old.


Being a Rock-Type, Blast is weak to Water, Ground, Fighting, and Steel-Type Pokemon, Resists Normal, Rock, Flying, Fire, Poison, and has a Type-Advantage against Flying, Fire, Ice, and Bug-Type Pokemon.


Blast is one of three Midday Lycanroc to appear in the series, the others being his old apprentice Lucas the Lycanroc, and the Albino loner Ice Fang

Blast was named after the move Rock Blast.

  • This makes him one of several Pokemon to be named after a Pokemon Attack; the others are Slash the Grovyle, Fire Fang the Growlithe, Ice Fang the Lycanroc, Flare Blitz the Growlithe, and Blitz the Arcanine.
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