Blast the Hedgehog
Blast IMG.png
Fur: Red with yellow streaks Eye Colour: Blue
Mother: Ashley

Father: Martin

Brothers: Rage, Glen, TJ
Current Residence and Birthplace
Super Blast

Hyper Blast

Chaos Blast

Dark Blast

Revenge Blast

Blast the Hedgehog is a red hedgehog from the city of Soleanna. He is 6 years old. He is a bit naïve but has an inate ability to us chaos energy, but it takes some getting used to. He has 2 older brothers; Glen, and Rage. His mother is Ashley and his father is Martin. He can run at a moderate speed and can is always learning to use his chaos abilities to the maximum of their potential. Even though he knows Sonic and crew, he is yet to actually have an adventure.

Physical Appearance

Blast's clothing consists of white gloves with a ring around each cuff with classic blue and white sneakers. His quills are similar to that of Shadow, along with lemon yellow streaks. He has a tuft of hair he can't seem to keep down as well. He has blue eyes and a bald muzzle and chest.


Blast is a naïve, kind-hearted and co-operative hedgehog who enjoys the company of family and friends. He has the potential to manipulate time and space with the power of Chaos, utilising skills such as Chaos Control, Spear and Blast. He may be defeated easily, but he dies hard, and can always think of a way to come back, with smart thinking and quick reflexes, he can eventually put a stop to a battle. He can run at a reasonable speed and is always learning.

Blast can change his emotions easily and show it. He's afraid of destruction and invaders, but he uses that as fuel to continue fighting. He can get a bit wimpy sometimes, but when the stakes are high he knows there is no backing down.


Stats Level
Stamina 7
Attack 6
Defense 6
Speed 5
Reflexes 4
Magic 9
Psyche 4
Intellect 5
Total 46/80

Blast is not the fastest, but isn't too slow. His strongest category is Magic in terms of Chaos Energy, which he can use the Chaos abilities with his trademark blue Chaos Emerald. Chaos Slingshot is a move created by Blast. It's a variation on the Chaos Spear that utilises momentum to build energy and increase attack power. It can take some time to charge, but the results can be devastating. Blast can also perform Chaos Grenade, this move fires multiple Chaos energy balls surrounding the target, before being brought in to deal maximum damage. These energy balls don't cause much harm individually, but together they do pack a punch.

List of Chaos moves

  • Chaos Control
  • Chaos Spear
  • Chaos Blast
  • Chaos Slingshot
  • Chaos Grenade
  • Super _________*

*Super moves are the same as Chaos moves but they are performed with Super Emeralds. This intensifies the effect and can cause more damage.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Friendship
  • Commitment
  • Family
  • Winning
  • Justice
  • Peace


  • Losing arguments
  • Terror
  • Evil
  • Destruction



  • Mother: Ashley the Hedgehog
  • Father: Martin the Hedgehog
  • Brothers: Rage the Hedgehog, Glen the Hedgehog

Friends and Allies

Sonic the Hedgehog and crew


Sonic the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Rouge the Bat


Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik and creations


"Gotcha! One for the record books!" Getting an S Rank

"Woohoo! Look's like I got it!" Getting an A Rank

"Nice!" Getting a B Rank

"Just made it!" Getting a C Rank

"Well, it's not terrible." Getting a D Rank

"Gotta try harder..." Getting E Rank

"Alrighty!" Getting selected


  • Blast was originally maroon and yellow coloured.
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