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Blast Burn is said to be the among the most powerful fire techniques in existence, if not the most powerful.


This move starts off with the user drawing upon a large amount of energy from their very being. The energy is then compacted into a small orb, which is transformed into a small ball of incredibly intense flames, held in either the hands or mouth. This small ball of flame is then sent flying at high-speeds at the target, and upon contact, bursts into a huge pillar of intense, scorching flames. The resulting pillar is large enough and strong enough to incinerate a small army. However, as with Hyper Beam and its other variants, using such a large amount of the energy in one's very being leaves the user so drained they are completely incapable of movement for a while, completely open to attack.


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Pokemon Users

  • Pyro the Charizard(under extreme stress)


Technique Rank

Due to the sheer power and destruction, this attack is an A-rank attack since the user may not be able to move after a bit, otherwise it would be an S-rank attack.

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