This is an article about Blake the wolf, a character created by Bobothemonkey321 on 05/12/2015.

"My power are more important than my life itself."



Face:furious scar and muzzle, crown



Uper body:green van tank top,royal necklace

Lower body:belt, snow boots,black jeans, furry tail(hidden under jeans)


just like shadow, he's an emo.he doesn't laugh or smile,he gets concerned or sad about his sad but traumatic childhood.he sometimes smiles,but rarely.


Born in a small house in the abandoned part of Mount Everest,Blake was living with a dying mother and a Unhealthy father. One night, his father acted up uncontrollably ,he got mad that Blake doesn't know about his powers, cursed at his wife to stop treating him normally, ending up destroying the house. Right after, he attempts to kill toddler Blake. Blake got scared, so he tried out the powers but acidentley ripped his dad's tail off.ouch .part of the destroyed building came down and crushed them both.when a helicopter came to rescue the two,they saw his dad,but they forgot about Blake. Age ten and dying,he was able to dig up into the new air. Survived by freezing himself. Chris' uncle(from sonic X) and sonic were racing to the exact abandoned place.they found Blake and took them in to their residence for his he's a freedom fighter, rookie IT, and a strait A student because of them.





as most wolves are genetically born to have them, Blake's mother,mainly pacifist, asked for the claws to be removed. But from being trapped in the ice barrier for so long, he maybe formed some claws, even stronger than the ones he was originaly suppose to have.

copy move~

while being trapped inside of his own ice barrier, he has still witnessed some fighting techniques. His body adapted to learn the moves just by seeing it once. He learned this ability from having the inability to break out.


G.U.N.s' most trusted agent

martial artist (at most)

skilled dancer(sorta)


His scar hurts him.even though it was when he was a baby,it hurts like it was just yesterday. Other than that, he has a STRONG case of amnesia. Mainly coming up during a dilemma. He can also easily be tricked has he was sort of lied to multiple times.


"you Don't need me... my future is as dark as my heart"

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