Bladelocke Cutter is a character by Monk the Cat.

He is a thirteen year old fox/ bat with no "powers". But he has has a strange ability to aid allies in battle using music.

Bladelocke Cutter
Bladelocke Cutter
Blade, Bladelocke the Fox, Wing-Fox, the Bard.
13 Physically 413 Chronologically
Bat-Eared Fox/ Bat hybrid
He is a 3'0" tall fox/ bat with black fur, with white fur on his stomach, muzzle and the tip of his fox tail. The insides of his slightly large fox ears are white. His eyes are light blue.
A red vest (used to conceal his wings), basic white gloves, green sneakers, a pouch to keep the parts of the Psycheblade in.
Joseph Cutter (Father), Genevieve Cutter (Mother)
Good/ Neutral(Depends on what he is doing)
Friends, Family, Sonic and co., being a bard, helping his friends.
His injury, being teased about his wings, fire.


Bladelocke is a quiet little Fox/Bat who hates being in large crowds of unfamiliar faces. He is almost always smiling. He has an easy time making friends because he is a bard. He is very joyful: this greatly helps his bard abilities. He is the type to support allies, make peace, or run from a battle. But if his friends are in danger he won't run unless they tell him to. He is also very loyal: (him being the secret keeper of my characters). He almost always tries to hide his wings, because he has been teased about them.


Bladelocke doesn't have any "powers" or hand to hand fighting skills, but he is a skilled bard with ability to boost his allies "stats", as well as weaken his enemies. He can sing very well, with equal skill at playing harps and lyres, which are required for his "bardhood". He is also skilled at using the PsycheBlade for ranged or close-quarter combat. He has wings which allow him to fly, although he rarely uses them they are abnormally strong; he is able to lift several people at once. He also knows how to be stealthy; something he learned from his father.

Items in Possession

  • The "PsycheBlade": A sword fashioned for him by Richard. The blade made out of six squares and one triangle; each with a black crystal in the middle. And a hilt with a curved up guard, with a bigger black crystal in its golden pommel. The shapes are detachable and are controlled by the person holding the hilt.
  • A few Lyres and Harps: He uses them to enhance his bard ablities.


it will come soon... all I'm saying for now is that his fur used to be a different color.

Relationships with other characters


My Characters:

Gabriel ???: He sees kind of like an older brother, often looking up to him. "Monk" also looks at Bladelocke as a little brother and someone to defend.


He sometimes cuddles his tail or curls up into a ball when he is scared.

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