This is an article about Bladelocke Cutter, a character created by Monk the Cat on 12/31/2012.

Bladelocke is a thirteen year old fox/ bat with no "powers". But he has a strange ability to aid allies in battle using music.

Physical Description

He is an average sized teenaged fox. He has black fur covering most his body. He has white fur on his muzzle, and chest/stomach. His skin is white, shown by the inside of his large fox ears. His eyes are a kind sky blue. He has a pair of medium-large, black wings on his back. The wings each have a tan-brown stripe at the bases of them. He has a few scars on his chest, stomach and back near the base of his wings, but they are mostly covered by his thick fur. His tail tip occasionally seems to be crooked, but that's because it's artificial, used to make him look regular. His heart will beat unusually loud and strong, because it is also artificial.

He commonly wears a red vest that is opened slightly in the middle, but held together by three strings. He also wears a pair of basic white gloves and a pair of leather hiking boots.


Bladelocke is a quiet and somewhat shy Foxbat  He is almost always smiling. He has an easy time making friends because of his kind and genuine nature. He is kind and caring, but he isn't naive. He can usually tell when someone is trying to manipulate him. He almost always tries to hide his wings, because at one point he lost them.


Bladelocke doesn't have any "powers" and has very little hand to hand fighting skills, but he is a skilled musician who can use his music to aid allies in battle. He can sing very well  He has equal skill at playing his lyre and violin. He is also a skilled dancer, with unusual, yet dazzling dances, though he very rarely dances anymore. He is also decently skilled at using the Seven-Segment-Blade for ranged or close-quarter combat.


He has wings which allow him to fly, although he rarely uses them. They are abnormally strong; due to them being healed with extra muscle. He is able to lift two or three people at once. He also knows how to be silent; something he learned from his father and spending time in the woods with animals. He also has a stronger circulatory system than the average person, being able to produce and carry blood around his body quickly.

Items in Possession

  • The Seven Segment Sword - A sword fashioned for him by Richard. The blade made out of six squares and one triangle; each with a black crystal in the middle. And a hilt with a curved up guard, with a bigger black crystal in its golden pommel. The shapes are detachable and are controlled by the person holding the hilt.
  • A Lyre - He uses the beautiful stringed instrument to play soothing melodies and various other types of music.
  • A Violin - His first instrument. He is also quite skilled with it, being able to play songs at amazing speeds.
  • A Flare Gun - A "just-in-case" tool for if danger arrives.
  • A Two-shot Derringer - Another "jusi-in-case" weapon.
  • A Satchel - Commonly carried around by him and used to carry his items.


it will come soon...

Relationships with other characters


Sheila Cutter - His little sister and one of his closest friends. He also sees it as his duty to protect her from dangers she may face while wondering around.

Peggy the Fox - He enjoys her company greatly and has a crush on her. He loves her gentle and caring, yet stern attitude. They will often hang out usually bringing Sheila along.




He is filled with irony, from his species to the literal gold in his heart.

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