This is an article about Blade The Hegdehog, a character created by Biblet02 on 10/25/2013.


Blade 2.0

Dat blade MMMM


Loves being creative with killing people but also a very nice person, if you are nice to him that is, if you are not nice and hatefull... Well you will probabbly get killed, No pressure.


Blade was born 1997 in Saint Mobius Hospital, The second night that they hads him his Dad when his mother was asleep threw him out into a alleyway he would stay, the neighborhood bullies would come every day and beat him up against a wall and even some times cut his clothes off, in 2009 Tails was nice enough to let him stay in his house until May the 12th he got kicked out for trying to knife Tails and kill him, he had gone back to the alleyway, one night at about midnight Shadow came and told him that he would help kill people, They now kill people everyday.


Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Summoning the dead, Turning super by yelling a chant, Chaos Blast, Chaos control.

Special Abilities

Good Hearing, See's in the dark, Gives people amnisea.


Wont Back Down- Eminem FT P!nk

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