Blades freind

Blades cousin mister

Blade the Hedgehog
Blade The Hedgehog

Current Years and Days
Name Blade the Hedgehog
Weapons Sword, Elemental Shuriken
Profession(s), Occupation(s)
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age: 4,000(Physically 15)
  • ??? lbs
  • Fur: Red
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Gender: Male
Attire [Clothing]
Affiliation(s) Neutral
Romantic Interest(s)
  • Swordsmanship
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat
  • Elemental Abilities(Limited to Shuriken)
  • Souzosha~Rebirth Father
  • Mystic the Bat~Rebirth Sister
  • Slash the Wolf~Rebirth Brother
  • Unknown Parents
  • Spazz the Hedgehog~Far Descendant Cousin
  • Mister the hedgehog~cousin
Likes Peace, Tranquility, Balance, Order, His "siblings", Winning.Training
Dislikes Unnecessary Violence, Loud noises, Losing,Sonic and friends, Souzosha
  • Japan(Possibly)
Current Residence
  • Travels(Base in Shamar Dessert)
Alternative Names
  • Red Flash
  • Red Ninja
Super Form(s)
  • Super Blade
  • Balance Blade
English Voice Actor
  • Doug Erholtz
Brazillian Voice Actor Cider Bizet
Japanese Voice Actor

Dark Vs.Light

The story begins 5000 years ago. The world was in utter chaos. The Balance Gaia had to do something after all he was the protector of the universe. So in his palace he conjured up three ancient spirits. One was evil, one good, and one balance. The balance was Blade. He was the protege of Balance Gaia. He was granted a sword and taught how to use it. When the three finished training they set off to one day encounter one onther again.

Crystal Tomb

Gradually the world attained balance not to much evil but enough to keep the good from turning evil.Good may have more power but the darkness has many more followers. About 10 years later the three had met again. Natural enemies Mystic and slash began to fight. Blade had to break it up being the balance of the two. In spite of Mystic Slash decided to burn down the village in which they had stayed in. The villagers died however one survived. He was a Mage who cursed the three and sealed them in crystal tombs.Blade's powers balanced into seven small emeralds. They were the chaos emeralds they were sent to the echidnas. " Protect these stones fore within them lies a wicked monstrosity." Along with blade came Mystic in a Huge powerful emerald. The Master Emerald.

Dark Vs. Light:The Echidna Wars

Blade Trained everyday in the emeralds. He wouldn't be released until years later. There was a constant struggle of dark and light. Blance Gaia's brothers Dark and Light Gaia were constantly fighting. This soon spread to Angel Island as wars erupted. Chief Pachacamac insisted on using the emeralds monster to win the war. Tikal knew she must protect the Master and chaos emeralds not just for the monster but the chao. With two ancient monsters Tikals father knew he could win the war. He charged his men past Tikal knocking her out. They tried to seize the emerald but to their surprise a liquid monster appeared. It wasn't mystic at all but Chaos. Chaos was out of control unleashing fury upon the world. Tikal brought Chaos into the emerald with her. Mystic was released and asked by tikal to guard Mystic's brother within the emeralds and also to protect the chao. Mystic took the stones and gathered thousands of chao. They retreated to a planet known as mobius where they lived in hiding for thousands of years. Once mystic had heard that slash had turned mobius against each other using Dr. Robotnik Mystic joined the elite freedom fighters. She had heard of a young boy rising through the ranks he was Sonic. Robotnik had heard of the magical stones and tried to take them from mystic. He almost succeeded but Mystic had commanded the chao to bring them back to Angel Island once Eggman caught heed to this he went to Angel island to take control of it. She sent sonic and Tails to find the emeralds and regain control of Angel Island. For the first time the power of the emeralds was shown Sonic turned into Super Sonic and defeated Eggman. This battle would insue for many years to come.

Dark Vs. Light:Blade Unleashed

The year 2009 A.D. arrived and the earth was in trouble. Eggman drained all energy from the chaos emeralds and broke the earth into pieces. This sent blade hurdling towards the space colony ARK. Blade saw the battle between Light Gaia and Dark Gaia he knew what he had to do. But first blade lost his sword upon breaking through the ARK glass. In a scramble to find it he came across papers describing prototypes. There were 5 prototypes but only 3 that were a success. One in which was Shadow he couln't understand the other two names. Blade however didn't care he destroyed all evidence so he couldn't be traced. he had his sword and went to earth in a capsule covered in blood. There he saw a golden hero that had put both two rest. Blade remained in hiding for 2 years when a metoer hit the earth. Out came Mystic and slash collapsed. "Some things never change" Blade says as he picks the two up and walks to his hideout. This is Blade's side of the story and it brings us to present day in the sonic universe.


"Die With Some Honor"- Picked for Battle

"Are you ready for me"-Picked in Story Mode/Battle

" A Ninja knows no Defeat"- S Ranking

" I'll live with it"- A Ranking

" Alls well that ends well" -B Ranking

"Could've Done Better"- C Ranking

"WHAT?!"- D Ranking

" Is this the extent of my power"- E Ranking

"You Made Mistakes and It Cost You"- Win Battle

" I'll admit my defeat"- Loses Battle

"Let's See how fast you are"-To Sonic

"You are a threat"-To Sunny

"Ultimate?! Hmmph this might be a fair fight"-To Shadow

"I don't need your help!"-To Knuckles

"I am a ninja we are trained to win NOT fight fair"-To someone accusing him of cheating

"O-Ba-Kiru/Overkill"-When he kills someone

"Gotta step it Up"-When being passed on Sonic Riders

"See Ya at the Finish Line!"When passing someone on Sonic Riders

"Honestly what were thinking?"-Winning a race

"A miscalculation!"-Losing Race

"I shall not fail"-Picked for Race

Ninja Guider

This is Blade's Extreme gear.It is Blue and Grey with the symbol of a wolf on the side it's riden on.It is fast and can turn quickly.It has a fair amount of power but is very hard to control.Like his sword the chaos emeralds change the boards color.

Theme Songs

"Who I Am" By Magni-Fi

"Through The Fire and The Flames" By Dragonforce

"Line In The Sand" By Motorhead

Relationships with other Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog

Blade finds Sonic The Hedgehog curious. He criticizes sonic's impulse to rush into battle. Sonic however is the one who informed Blade of the true power of the Chaos Emeralds showing him the power of the Super Transformations.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Blade can't stand Tails and only calls upon him for his technological Know-How. They rarely ever talk however Blade can see tails has a crush on Mystic which Blade finds hilarious. Blade met Tails while he was doing research in the desert.

Knuckles The Echidna

Knuckles feels protective of Blade to Blade's annoyance. Knuckles doesn't know why he feels connected to blade but Blade thinks it is because the chaos emeralds are so close to the Master Emerald.

Shadow The Hedgehog

Blade knows more about Shadow The Hedgehog than Shadow does himself. This due to Blade being on the Space Colony ARK and reading shadow's document. Blade also knows that Shadow isn't the only Ultimate Life Form. Blade disagrees with shadow's revenge lifestyle and often calls him a fool for this. Blade also dissaproves of shadow's use of fire arms and believes he should fight with honor, but keeps quiet about it.

Rouge The Bat

The first time these to met Rouge tried to steal Blade's diamond sword. This infiarted Blade as he put the sword to her neck but thought it best not to let anger influence his actions. Rouge feels in debt to Blade because he spares her. And against her independent style Rouge often flirts with Blade. Blade even goes as far as saying "you aren't to bad yourself" when rouge called him a cutie.


Omega and Blade don't get along.Blade sees Omega as a metal piece of junk.Due to Blade's lack of knowledge with present time technology Blade always calls Omega an iPod.


Blade truly is annoyed by Amy more than anyone else. He is always calling her a distraction. Blade does however show a streak of caring for her as he may sometimes protect her. Blade and Amy usually do Yoga together.

Cream The Rabbit

Blade appreciates Creams manners and compares her to the Chinese rule of Filial piety or respect for elders. They have met on three occasions.

Big The Cat

Blade has become close to Big and goes fishing with him. He always catches more than Big and tells him to be calm and have patience.


Blade feels Silver can't be trusted as that much good can't come from a person with out a purpose. Silver constantly feels he needs to prove himself to Blade.

Dawn The Hedgehog

While Blade was on the ARK he discovered a file with a picture of an yellow/orange hedgehog who favored Shadow the hedgehog. The file had an erased name but underneath it was the name Maria+Hedgehog Project. Blade could care less as he destroyed the research. When Blade met another project Shadow he knew he had to find the other Ultimate Life Form. Blade has not met dawn but is determined to find her.

Sunny The Hedgehog 

Along with the Dawn and Shadow documents was The Sunny Project. In Doctor Geralds last days he destabilized his final project. He created her as a revenge scheme to kill the people who destroyed his family. He filled her with hatred and gave her the DNA from shadow Gerald was taken in by the G.U.N officers and one had hit a switch mixing the DNA with the hatred thus leaving Sunny to hate Shadow. The G.U.N officials labeled her as a threat in the documents. They sealed her away never to be released. Blade desrtoyed any and all evidence there was. However the G.U.N officers didn't plan on her release as she broke free from her stabilized tomb. This was World Headline News as Sunny came to Earth. Blade is determined to find and kill her for the safety of his planet. If shadow or Dawn finds out about Blades plan they won't be to happy.

Statyx The Hedgehog

While at first they were enimeis because of Blade trying to kill Sunny the two have some what become friends.The two will comonly compete.They can start off walking in the park and the next minute be racing around the world!Blade considers Statyx one of the only people to rival his power.Next to Ryui. Blade seems to reference Ryui when talking about Statyx saying that they had the same smile and attitude.That is perhaps why Blade considers Statyx his friend because it reminds of his past.

shade the hedgehog

While at first they were enimeis because of Blade trying to kill Sunny the two have some what become friends.The two will comonly compete.They can start off walking in the park and the next minute be racing around the world!Blade considers Shade one of the people to rival his power.Next to Ryui. Blade seems to reference Ryui when talking about Shade saying that they had the same smile and attitude.That is perhaps why Blade considers Shade his friend because it reminds him of his past.

Tawny The Rabbit

While Blade and Tawny don't that much Blade respects Tawny as a navigator.He will only rely on her skills when out at sea.Blade also respects that Tawny protected the flickies.The two sometimes have conversations about classic war boats from Blade's era.


If Blade finds it benifiicial to work with Eggman he will do so.He has and probably will again work with Eggman.Blade knows of Eggman's cunnining ways but Eggman knows what could happen if he steps out of line.

Ridel the Porcupine

Ridel and Blade only met once in a bar. but they did get to have somewhat of a disscusion.

Mister the hedgehog

His partner in some battles. He is also a swordsman and ninja.

Powers And Abilities

Blade is a shinobi. He fights using logic and almost never makes a mistake. He is quick and deliberate in his attacks making him a ruthless foe 

Elemental Shuriken

Blade has a large(half the size of his body)Shuriken that when throw have an impact in battle.This shuriken is like a boomerang and returns to blade after it attacks.

Water Shuriken: When thrown create water dragons that spout from the ground.

Missile Shuriken: When thrown explodes on impact.

Fire Shuriken: When thrown sets area on fire.

Earth Shuriken: When thrown at the ground spout up huge rocks about 12 ft high usually used to get above the opponent.

Electric Shuriken: When thrown at an opponent sends an electric discharge through someone's body. Most effective by water.

Hurricane Shuriken: When used it gives Blade the ability to use Wind.

Basic Attacks

The same abilities as Sonic and almost as fast as him. Sonic's longer nose puts him ahead of blade.

Spin Dash

Ring Boost

Homing Attack


Kick and Punch

Triangle jump

ring dash


Blade is not as fast as many of the other characters running a little bit faster than Silver. Also Blade is extremely afraid of fire(due to his death). Blade has many abilities but is limited because using too many of his elemental shuriken can cause the Shuriken to break.Also Blade isn't that powerful relying on Slash as his muscle.Blade is all around a tactical fighter and surpasses all other Sonic canon characters in swordsmanship(maybe besides the knights and possibly Sonic).


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