The Blackvein-class Heavy Mech is a Hammerforge Industries attack walker, designed to hold its own against tanks and walkers of all sorts as a skirmisher/duelist.

Blackvein-class Heavy Mech

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
ClassHeavy Mech - attack walker
Variant CodeBVN-8S
Technical Information
Weight60 tonnes
Maximum Speed99 km/h
  • Flamethrowers (2)
  • Blaster Cannons (2)
  • Short-range Missile Launchers (2, each has 1 tonne of ammunition)
  • Pilot (1)
  • Anti-armor
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212


After the war with Eggman finally ended, there was a few large cells of his tech still wild, and the greatest threat of them all was not one of the thousand-strong fact, when it attacked, only one would be needed. The Executors. More than twenty had survived the war, and just one was needed to level entire military bases, without significant damage. Ronan found himself afraid of the units, despite his one-time position as a planted agent that assisted Eggman until the insane doctor tried to convert him into a superweapon. The one weakness he could recall came back to him, and Hammerforge's mech focus was clear - Fire. For all their power, Executioners were powerless to deal with rapid changes in environmental conditions, such as sudden heat. Despite the enemy units easily weighing in at over one hundred tonnes, and being able to go from the frozen surface to the underground cities with ease, a design came to him. A balanced, mid-range fighter that in a team of two or three, could send an Executioner running, if not kill it outright. He personally began to design the Blackvein.

Six months later, the first prototype Blackvein-class Heavy Mechs were revealed. Unlike the closest G.U.N. mech designs, these sixty-tonne mechs weren't spindly mechanoids with no obvious signs of armor and an identical articulation to a Mobian. Instead, they were MUCH more than that. One may never duel another mech with swords, but that wasn't what they were designed for. Instead, each arm was almost twice the thickness as a spindly G.U.N. mech's leg. It stood taller, considering most standard G.U.N. mechs were lucky to make thirty tonnes. Each arm packed a blaster cannon, capable of breaking light armor. The shoulders were missile-packs, each with a tonne of short-range missiles to work with. But pride of place was the two chest-mounted flamethrowers. These flamethrowers had a range of around one hundred meters and were able to not only melt the thick ice of the surface and keep the mech heated in the minus-fifty blizzards on the surface, but could melt a hole in Executioner armor with a thirty second burn. These units were the prime examples of Hammerforge logic, and if a pilot was willing to put his unit on the side for around six months, the entire weapons set could come back changed out, with the weapons working on a hardpoint system. These units were then announced as the BVN-8S, a Col'nesia only design, but the export variant, with the flamethrowers replaced with a pair of large lasers to puncture heavy armor, the BVN-8C, quickly followed. Both had impressive sales with a variety of groups, although the most numerous G.U.N. divisions, the Ninth and Tenth, as well as the ballistics-focused Second Division, refused to field these units.

Design & Attributes

With eleven and a half of its sixty tonnes dedicated to armor, the Blackvein is a tough target. Although reasonably powerful at a moderate range, using the short-range missiles and blaster cannons, in close-quarters, the 8S model has the real shine, with the two flamethrowers capable of stopping most units quickly. By contrast, the export-spec 8C models had a good long-range punch, thanks to a pair of large lasers mounted in the same chest-mounts as the flamers in the home variant.

Despite it's heavy armor and high-powered armament, the mech is still capable of outspeeding quite a few other military vehicles, with a roughly 100 km/h maximum speed making it faster than almost everything else in its weight bracket. However, a rather not-so-well known issue is it's struggle to hit fast-moving targets. Many units can circle and pummel the export-spec Blackvein, without it being able to defend itself due to the low-firing speed and long-range of majority of its weapons. The flame-thrower variant, however, can obviously defend itself in close with those flamers that make it so powerful. However, it suffers from the lack of range, making it an awkward trade-off - range for power.



  • BVN-8S - as above
  • BVN-8C - Export spec, with slightly lighter armor and twin large lasers instead of flamethrowers

Modified Variants

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