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Blackmoon the Hedgehog


Blackmoon the Hedgehog (Burakkumun za Hejjihoggu) was a soldier with the Tropic Sanctuary Defense Force. He was a good worker, and an even better combatant than most thought. However, Blackmoon was captured by The Trolls and was used as a testbed for trialing some of the disease chips of non-fatal diseases. He grew to hate the trolls over his decade of captivity, watching them play Russian Roulette with the chip launchers. Since the Trolls couldn't die without regenerating, then it was a pastime many enjoyed.

Blackmoon gradually learned that his control over Wind increased whenever there was a cloudy night, allowing him to use his powers on the air within the Trolls, strangling them with what he called Breathbending. He broke free, heading into a small town, where he swore revenge on the Trolls. A small team of travelers came to the town a month later, amongst them being a young echidna by the name of Julian the Echidna, unknown to Blackmoon as a friend of Flare the Wolf. Blackmoon recognized Julian's powers and touch with the wind though, and started training him.

However, when Julian realized just what Blackmoon was doing and why, he turned against him, fighting the hedgehog and equaling each other with Wind-based powers, before Julian's friend Ebony entered the fray, getting strangled by Blackmoon's breathbending. Julian freed his ally, before leaving with their two robotic friends. As he watched the young echidna leave, Blackmoon noted he had just made a powerful new enemy. After that point, he joined the Wind Clan of Khazri and started raiding Troll test subject storage facilities, taking the best Wind controllers with him and letting the rest go free.

About Blackmoon

Age: 27

Likes: Tropic Sanctuary, fruit, the wind, killing trolls, Breathbending, cloudy nights

Dislikes: Trolls, Russian Roulette, vegetables, moon-lit nights, Julian the Hedgehog


Blackmoon created Breathbending, and is a master of its practice. With it, he can make it so a person cannot breath, or individual muscles cannot get their required oxygen. Being a trained soldier, Blackmoon can make the most of his environment, often fighting close-combat with either his old field dagger or the special elemental-receptive trench knifes he carries. He is a marksman, capable of hitting many targets by nudging either the bullet, or the target. However, he's not of the same class as Kane the Snipehog.

Blackmoon's family have a more unique style of technique, similar to a combination of Chaos and Wind powers. Blackmoon is no pushover, and this was the one area where Julian COULDN'T beat him: his technique Gust Strike was his favorite to combine with Chaos Punch to create Chaos Wind Burst, a technique he would use to great affect in his fight against Julian.



Acquiring data


Dismal the Hedgehog

As a being, Blackmoon has sympathy for Dismal, who was converted into a Troll to be what Blackmoon viewed as 'little more than a training device for those damned Trolls'. However, because of Dismal's reluctance of fleeing the Trolls for fear, he is one of the few Trolls Blackmoon considers sparing in combat, and always does. Blackmoon is annoyed by that fear, feeling that with a little self-confidence, Dismal could become a worthy apprentice for knife combat.

Wind Clan of Khazri


The Trolls

Julian the Echidna

Ebony the Squirrel

James the Cyborg Dog

Madison the Mecha Fox


Blackmoon was once a bright, vibrant young hedgehog with many friends and potential in the armed forces. However, upon capture by the trolls, his hatred took control of him, and he swore revenge on the Trolls. He is unstable, and actually tortures every Troll he finds before killing them. However, he is always on the lookout for potential to teach his signature technique, Breathbending.

Even with all this, he is a frightening persona, and if you get between him and some Trolls, he won't hesitate to kill you first, then fight the Trolls. He has a grudging fear and respect of Stinkwad, who was the one Troll who could stop him even when faced with Breathbending, which Blackmoon claims is because Stinkwad doesn't have to breath.


  • Blackmoon is a believer in the Elemental Gods, and has a shrine to Khazri in his house.
  • Even with his hatred of Russian Roulette, Blackmoon has a technique where a group of Trolls get one breath, and only one of them gets air, in a warped version of Russian Roulette.
  • Blackmoon is a distant member of the Wind Clan, having joined to teach his techniques to a wider audience.
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