The Blackmane Family is the Lion pride which set itself up as an enemy to the Guardians of the Master Emerald for generations, until the birth of Hardrock the Echidna.


The family's history can be traced back to soon after the Demon-Celestial war, where the pride leader proclaimed his group to be able to fight the remaining beings, both Demons and Celestials, head-on without any form of external enhancement, setting his family up in direct competition with the Knuckles clan, whom used Chaos Energy and ancient magic to seal the demons within any form of prison desired. This was argued against by the guardians of the Master Emerald, whom challenged the Blackmane leader to a duel, fought between the head of the Knuckles Clan of the time. The fight swung towards the lion quickly, but through his use of Chaos, the echidna won out with ease. Swearing revenge, the entire family vanished. The next they were heard of was almost two hundred years later, where they were the richest family in the Twinkle Snow region, from which they used their vast funds to wage a private war on the Knuckles Clan, constantly trying to steal the Master Emerald. This eventually ceased when the Emerald was used to create Angel Island, from which the family became more focused on their region, and retaining their wealth. The family, despite the members often possessing great strength and slowly developing a link to the Chaos Force, stayed out of the Great War, and upon the arrival of both Eggman and the Dark Legion, forged alliances with the groups, dominating the area as much as they could, in exchange for retaining their prestige.

The family returned to the limelight when Leon the Lion, son of Scar Blackmane, was enrolled in the same school as Will the Echidna, the youngest member of the Knuckles Clan. Leon attacked Will and forced him to flee from home at the age of 16, unwittingly setting in motion a chain that drove Will to becoming one of the great heroes of Mobius. Leon left the public eye then, reappearing once or twice as a mercenary on hire to Jacob's Legion, the group headed by a powerful echidna warlord and allied to the Trolls, before settling down with Sweetheart the Echidna, a lady from Mobotropolis. The duo had a single son, Hardrock the Echidna, before the abusive Leon, known for beating his wife and son, vanished back to his mercenary behavior, while Sweetheart remarried. Unbeknownst to the Blackmane family, Hardrock became best friends with Will's youngest son, Greg the Hedgeidna, and in future, the descendents of both Scar's line of Blackmanes and Knuckles' line of Knuckles Clan members became closer than allies, but brother-in-laws as well, with Hardrock's son, Rocket the Hedgefoxidna, marrying Greg's daughter, Melody the Mongoose.


As lions, most of the family is renowned for their fearsome strength, with most members easily rivalling echidnas for strength. On top of that, in order to combat the Knuckles Clan's use of Chaos Energy, the Blackmane family too learned how to tap directly into the Chaos Force, with strange effect. Similar to the Knuckles Clan, which gained the genetic ability known as the Sharingan Eye, the Blackmane family inherited their own ocular technique, a less refined variation of the Sharingan, which was dubbed the "Protogan Eye" by members of the Knuckles Clan. Members of this family often take to wielding melee weapons, and have occasionally been seen developing and using elemental abilities. However, due to the more primitive function of the Protogan Eye, the user only learns how to perform the technique at its most basic level, having to instead learn how to use the technique from there. This in turn allows for a wide variety of variations of techniques emerging as family members try to improve on the attack design with either blunt strength or Chaos/elemental manipulation.


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Genetic Members

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Known Lairs

It is known that there are small holdouts of this family scattered across Mobius, due to the presence of Protogan Eye wielders across the planet, however, the main location for the family is a large mansion built in Twinkle Snow, which is guarded and fitted with military-spec. walls and defenses, plus industrial heaters to keep the temperate climate species warm when the snow builds up to much. Due to their riches, this family also employs a variety of servants, from robots to Mobians, and owns a wide variety of businesses and vehicles, having even had members race in the Mobian Racing League.

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