"I carry the pain of my broken youth... The pain that my ancestors carried until they passed on... I pray that they rest in peace. For me, my place is family... My heart might never be released from this horrible burden...this hatred...this demonic rage... But should a violating threat cross my path... May my Wrath be the Wrath of Abba and the Death of Injustice." -Black Ideya Becky (Conclusion of Funky Town: Wrath of the Black Ideya)

Black Ideya Becky is Becky the Skyhog's dark transformation. It's triggered by her rage, and exploits the darker aspects of Becky's personality. Unstable in her dark powers, she is more easily enraged, and tends to act colder and more menacing as a stark contrast of her normally kind-hearted personality.

She is still the Mystic Being of Love, but that love has vanished, and she's adept to dark abilities and uses a scythe in combat.


In transformation, Becky's hair turns black, her fur turns white, and her wings turn completely black. Her skin also turns pale white, her nails are longer, sharp, and black, and her teeth are sharp and pointed. Her attire turns more gothic and more punk inspired, sporting black jeans, crop top, jacket, shoes, and includes a spike collar that turns into a revolver, and spike bracelets that turn into demon claws. She keeps her green peridot earrings, and sports a black ring that turns into a scythe.


While she retains most of her personality, this form exploits the darker parts of it. She is unstable in her rage and dark abilities. She often tends to lose her temper without thinking, and can easily feel remorse for her actions. During combat, she exhibits a merciless and killing edge that her regular form never reveals, and she acts coldly toward her enemies. She mainly takes this behavior out on those who threaten those she cares about, and, even greater, toward the Mobians. In contrast, she almost never released her wrath upon innocent Gaians. This exploits this side of her character as an Anti-Hero to the Mobians, but still a loyal hero to the Gaians.

She retains her animal-like behaviors, although she exhibits new behaviors associated with the Black Widow Spider. Her hatred also tends to take her over, so she would kill her enemies without hesitation.

Deep down, she's actually depressed, thinking herself as a monster, and even believing that she's hideous. This combines with severe mental instability, giving her hallucinations of her tormentors represented as tall pitch-black creatures with glowing red eyes and wide grins that give off a tormenting cackle.


Throughout her years in Alreenie, Mobious, Becky went through severe bullying and abuse from her peers and teachers alike. Feeling unable to protect herself, she could only force down her feeling of anger and sadness. This never helped at all, as things only got worse. One night, she was kidnapped by human men and taken to an illegal hospital, where they stripped her of her wings. This caused her rage to escalate and develop a deep hatred of Mobious and its fauna. For the rest of her youth, she kept this deep hatred locked behind a deep state of depression, and trying to find something redeeming.

Now as a teenager, Becky and Ruby were abducted and forced into a party held by Daffodil Gimmick, the former most popular girl of Angelo City Middle School. As the party was coming to an end, Becky was lured into a room filled with other teenage girls, including Daffodil. Feeling that something was up, Becky tried to leave, but the girls wouldn't let her go. On a countdown, Daffodil flashed the girls, entertaining them and repeating her. Becky, however, was humiliated by this and tried to get out, but found the door locked, and tripped on the floor. As the other girls laughed and repeated what Daffodil did, they tried to get Becky to join them. A great rage filled up inside Becky, and she screamed, causing a black out. Once dark, Becky attacked Daffodil mercilessly. When the lights came back on, the girls screamed as the sight of a Black-and-White Becky attacking their leader. Threatening to kill Daffodil if they don't let Becky go, the girls released her from the confines of their room. Becky then left the house with Ruby & Misery and went downtown.

As they walked, the girls caught a glimpse of Duane's gang threatening a female koala. Wasting no time, Becky disappeared into the shadows, snuck up on the boys, and attacked, driving them away. Although the koala's life was saved, she was frightened by Becky's appearance, and ran away.

Noticing her reflection in a nearby mirror, she realized what she did and her transformation. Humiliated and ashamed, she began to cry and eventually passed out. After a dream while she was out, Becky woke up in Balue's house, in her normal form, surrounded by her friends. After being explained by Misery the night before, the Gang agreed to make sure she doesn't get too upset to the point of her transforming again, as well as saying away from the wrong crowd. Becky than dubbed the transformation "Black Ideya", inspired by NiGHTS, and swore to use her Black Ideya for good and find a cure.

Becky still faces more and more temper flares, but she uses her will to its strongest in order to retain herself. She even uses it to fight her enemies, albeit in a more brutal and heartless fashion, as she is still loyal to her people.


She now has dark magic and abilities to replace her energy powers. Her energy discus has been replaced with Shadow Ball, which does not have the adapt ability of her Energy Discus.

Blades of Darkness becomes her Wing/Wind Attack.

Her fire breath turns green and destructive.

She still maintains her power to transform jewelry into weapons, but her dragon katana has been replaced with a scythe, and she has been given a spike collar that turns into a revolver.

Her scythe is actually a physical key that allows Becky to summon demons and monsters at will to her command. She also uses the attack Night Slash with it.

Her most powerful Attack in this form is now Outrage, and is accidentally used when her rage reaches its limit. This attack makes Becky totally lose herself, and leaves her back to normal, but weak and exhausted afterward, not remembering what happened.

Special Abilities

Her magic has turned dark and uses forms that are considered forbidden. Such magic is seen when her scythe is used as a physical key to summon demons to her will. A unique new ability she now has is her Torment Touch, which gives the person she touches terrifying hollucinations.

In this transformation, her most lethal power is in her screaming. Different effects emerge from them depending on her emotion. If she were totally enraged, her screaming will cause a huge shockwave similar to Chaos Blast. When startled or frightened, her screaming scares other people and can sometimes shatter glass.


Becky maintains her agility and combat, as well as her musical skills.


Due to the fact that her rage is released and gives off extreme levels, she is left weak and experiences physical pain after each episode. She is emotionally and mentally unstable and suffers a deep depression behind her rage. She experiences deep feelings of regret and despair for her violent acts.

Theme Songs

Solo Themes

Avril lavigne take me away subtitulada en español

Avril lavigne take me away subtitulada en español

The Birthday Massacre - Looking Glass

The Birthday Massacre - Looking Glass

In Funky Town: Wrath of the Black Ideya

Evanescence - Lithium (Lyrics)

Evanescence - Lithium (Lyrics)

At the conclusion of Funky Town: Wrath of the Black Ideya

Nanne Grönvall - Svarta Änkan

Nanne Grönvall - Svarta Änkan

Shared Themes

The Offspring - Defy You

The Offspring - Defy You

Shared with the rest of the Gang and her Normal Form

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