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The Black Beast 13 are all born on Space Colony Ark as a side project called Project Messiah along with the Celestial 13,being watched by Professor Okami and Willis,making 13 males animals each born with Black Arm blood from Tsugumi.When G.U.N attacked the Ark,the guys escape with their wives and makers to Earth to live a normal life,then one day when their children where born,they all got ill and died,but they still watch over them.Over the years the spirits of this group live on fighting King Boom Boo to make the Spiritworld a paradise for the dearly departed.Over the years,this group kept fighting Boo and his followers,when the leader saw his daughter being attacked by the ghosts during her visit in the castle with her friends,after beating the ghosts,his daughter thank him and ask who he is.This shock the leader,but he smile and told her his name,then his brothers showed up saying there's more trouble.They got there too late as Sonic was taken by the ghosts,so the Black Beast 13 lead Chris,Amy and Ann to the statue and lead them down stairs to a room,the leader stay by his daughter to protect her while his brothers fight,and after Sonic knock out Boom Boo,everyone flee but Ann droped her necklace as she was running.Sonic told him and his brothers to run too,but he told they stay and hold the ghosts off and gave Sonic Ann's necklace and asked him to tell her he'll always be with her and with that Sonic left them there to fight,then one of the leader's brothers asked should he have told her,and he said she'll know soon with a smile.Back outside Ann wonder where the Black Beast 13 are,then Sonic hands her necklace and told her what the leader said,she started to cry when it open and show a picture of her mother,brother,her as a pup and the leader all together,she then knew who he was,so she smile and then looked at the sky,knowing who he is and they still watch over their children and wishing them a good and bright future.Soon it turned out two other animals where given black arm blood and had kids their own,so they help in another part of the Spirit World,protecting it and those who live in it.


  • Koga-Leader Animal:Wolf Children:Annamaria
  • Shiryu-Animal:Dragon Children:Yang
  • Kenshin-Animal:Mouse Children:Tenchi
  • Bud-Animal:Monkey Children:Shun,Haku and Tai
  • Marlon-Animal:Snake Children:Naja
  • Yue-Animal:Rabbit Children:Yuki
  • Gale-Animal:Horse Children:Kai
  • Pyro-Animal:Chicken Children:Matsu
  • Vapor-Animal:Sheep Children:Koko
  • Bolt-Animal:Tiger Children:Ginji

Base of Operations

The Black Beast 13 base is located in a peaceful part of the Spirit World were spirits of those who dead can live their lives like they use to do before death. It has a sky that changes from day to night with a spiritual wind. The land is emerald green with healthy fields and forest, the water is crystal clear which fills the rivers and steams, as well as the lakes. And next door to this peaceful haven is the opposite of the peaceful land where all the evil sprits live and try to hamr the good spirits.

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