Bite and Crush is a specialized elementless move, derived from the inherent weaknesses in the moves Bite and Crunch.


The attack is two-fold, performed at such speed that it seems to be a single technique. The user bites the target and presses their teeth into it as hard as possible without breaking any teeth. However, unlike it's parent techniques at this point, the user then moves their jaw in a side-to-side motion, clicking the joints and almost-unhinging it, before slamming their teeth together. The click of the jaw is performed for a reason considered similar to Swords Dance - it boosts the muscles in that area, already strong, and focuses all of their considerable strength into a single motion, the crushing impact.

By using this technique, users can bite clean through weapons and armor with ease, and in the case of armor, often crushing the contents within in that same movement, allowing for Metal-techniques and their prodigious defense to be penetrated. The focusing element of this technique remains as well, granting the user somewhat finer control of their muscles and greater use of their strength after that point.


Pokemon Users


Parent Techniques


The sheer power and usefulness this technique poses gives it an A-rank, although some argue that an S-rank would be more appropriate.

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