This is an article about Bit the Toyger, a character created by Bitbyte1214.

 Bit the Toyger is a female 14-year old tabby/bengal tiger hybrid with an unusually short height and the ability to manipulate light.


Bit was born illegitimately and prematurely to a male bengal tiger and a female tabby cat, who had smoked quite a bit before Bit's birth. Around this time, her grandmother was visiting another country on Mobius. She had barely survived, with underdeveloped lungs, brain, and really low weight, so she spent her first few months in the hospital, getting various surgeries to keep her alive, also being kept in an incubator to keep her body heat up. She usually wandered around the home, but never straying too far. Her intellectual ability was often doubted and Bit was tested for multiple neurological disorders. Bit eventually had a brain hemorrhage during the long months she was in the hospital, and developed slight paraplegia because of it.

She grew up on the streets, as her parents did not have much money and often moved from house to house. Due to this, Bit had a lot of trouble keeping friends. Others often harassed her, and she grew even more distant from others. She started working at a young age so she could earn money for her family, and turned to thievery to keep her family off of the streets. Her parents eventually could not take care of her, and sent her to an orphanage. She started to take care of the children and put them first, often stealing food and clothes for them to keep them safe. During her time in the orphanage, she learned that her parents were killed, breaking her heart. She started to consider the children at the orphanage the only family she had left and defended them with her life.


Bit is quiet and somewhat distant from others at first sight, and she has trouble starting conversations and is quite shy. She is truly warm and kind-hearted, wanting to believe the best in people. She holds cooperation and harmony in high regards and is extremely sensitive to other people's feelings, often relating to other people's experiences as if they were her own. Bit is a dependable person and she will easily trust people who choose to be friendly with her.

Bit pays a lot of attention to her own emotions, but doesn't really express these feelings, choosing to keep everything inside. She is quick to cut someone out of her life if she feels they have wronged her. Bit can be
Fire Emblem Seisen no Keifu OST 82- Lover 2

Fire Emblem Seisen no Keifu OST 82- Lover 2

Bit's Theme

quick to judge other people. She feels obligated to help people out and while normally quiet and shying away from things, she will stand up for the things she believes is right. She is sweet, but does not easily forgive. Bit wants positive feedback and attention from others.


Physical Features

Bit stands at 3 feet 2 inches, unusually short for someone her age. Her fur is light blue and her stripes are black. Her fur is short, and her markings resemble that of a mackerel, with vertically aligned stripes and encircling marks on her neck, legs, and tail.


Bit's main outfit consists of a red and beige sleeveless dress with a flared skirt and a red collared shawl over the dress. She wears black tights under this, and red shoes decorated with gold.

One of her alternate outfits is a black dress with a white apron over it. She wears this along with black buckled shoes. A black ribbon also holds her hair in a ponytail.



Bit has strong back legs and sharp claws. She also has a very strong jaw and sharp teeth. She is quite athletic, a common trait of members of her species.


Bit has the ability to use light magic, though she isn't very great at it. She is still learning how to master it, as she is still young.


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