Bionic is an android originally created by Professor Weilson, and was previously proposed to destroy all humans on earth. However, a slight programming mistake made Bionic's purpose to destroy literally every human on earth, including Weilson. He was later neutralised by Bessie, a girl who is a big fan of the Sonic series.


Bionic wears a black leather jacket along with white gloves and T Shirt. He also wears black pants with matching shoes, and has three antennas which are used to keep him alive.


"Humans must die" era (1931 - 1939)

In 1931, After Professor Weilson's old Robots were destroyed by police, he decided to make a bulletproof robot that was nearly indestructible. So he used up old scrap metal from his other robots and created Bionic. At first all was going well for Weilson, until one fateful day when he made an uncoverable error, which caused Bionic to shoot and kill Weilson.

"Humans are friends" era (1999 - present)

68 years after Bionic rebelled against Weilson, he still was gonna destroy all humans on earth. But while he was walking down the street searching for new victims, he was taken by a 15 year old Bessie and reprogrammed. After four hard weeks of work in the lab, Bionic was fully repurposed to defend humans from all evil.


Bionic is a quiet and good guy, although he can snap if offended enough. His interests usually include riding on roller coasters and eating Banana split sundaes.


  • Originally, The creator was gonna make Bionic a more simpler robot. His original design had him showing more happy features and only has two antennas. He also had hands separated from his body and hovered. The creator scrapped this because he wanted something more human than robot.
  • Bionic is also a self character if you don't know.
  • There are differences to the real bionic and the fictional bionic:
  • Real Bionic is more silent, while fictional Bionic is more talkitive to his real life counterpart.
  • Real Bionic is not a Robot, while fictional Bionic is (Which is pretty obvious).
  • Real Bionic has another account called NoneOfAny XDDDD (OneOfMany123)
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