Roleplay:Poacher's Intrigue

Bidane, along with Avalaine and the crew, were tasked in capturing animals,a ccompanied by both Orbot and Cubot, when they first spotted the Tiéburons at the beach. Cubot, with no regard for safety, ran towards the pups, but stopped in his tracks when the adult pack forms a wall with a threatening snarl. He retreated back hastily, prompting Availaine to move out in annoyance.

As Avalaine was asking regarding Cubot's obvious stupidity, an alarm was triggered at their base. At first, Avalaine thought the Hunstmen were breaching into their base, but it later turned out to be Razer, who was inadvertently near their base. Despite being ready to fight, Razer himself refused to attack, citing both not wanting to risk setting the jungle on fire and not wanting to attack Avalaine and her crew.

It was then Bidane set her sights on him, seeing that he too possesses pyrokinesis. And with him taking note of this, he took Bidane under his wing to be a trainer. And over time, it seems she's begun to develop with him more whilst training.

Forbidden Secrets

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