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Bianca the Hedgehog is a fan character created by GalaxyWorld27 (Known as sonicgalaxy27 on YouTube) Bianca is a female protagonists in the Disco series.


Bianca is a female hedgehog who has light green fur and turquoise eyes. She also wears a green and black dress with a black belt around her waste. However, She wears a hairband on her hair and she has fingerless gloves with a blue ring in both of her wrist attach to her off shoulder sleeves. She also wears a dark green and gray boots with blue straps on it and wears black leggings witch is almost close up to her thighs.


Bianca appearance has also states that she has an extremely short temper and is very hot-headed when it comes to something that makes her very angry. She is a caring, friendly, and playful person. She loves fighting villains and she sometimes does not like how she is being left out, on important exciting adventures. Bianca likes to tease some of her friends sometimes when they come up with silly ideas of doing things the easy way.


Not much known about Bianca's history, but Bianca has 2 parents and a unnamed older sister witch she hasn't seen her in 4 years.

Skills and Abilities 

Bianca has 3 abilities and 2 skills that she master.

Rock Smash: This attack power to used to punches and kicks to smash hard objects like walls, icicles, and rocks in her normal state and she also used it to damage enemies. however, she can't smash in to strong metal, solid ice and steal.

Lighting Punch: Another ability called lighting punch witch she can create a large shockwave in her fist and deals a lot of damage from her enemies even used on water her foes can still take damage.

Close combat: She also learns close combat skills and she can fight by using punches and kicks

Firekick:.Fire kick is the ability that she can used on her foes and it can deal a little damage to her opponents.


Bianca has yet a unnamed Super Form witch has not be revealed yet.




  • Bianca has anger issues when she gets mad at her friends most of the time.
  • Her clothes is almost a reference to one of the anime females in the manga universe.
  • Her favorite sport she likes to play, is volleyball and basket ball.
  • Bianca never argues with Azmaria because she treats her well as a sister.
  • She was picked on when she was 6 years old.
  • She likes to eats pop-tarts sometimes.
  • Bianca believes in karma.
  • Bianca has a hard time on putting puzzle peaces back together. This reveals that she doesn't like puzzle games at all.
  • She hates lobsters because she sometimes gets crawled by them when she visited the beach.