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Cquote1 With all due respect, we’re the Soleanna Royal Guard, milord! We were made to handle situations like these quickly. Cquote2
Bianca to Prince Friedrich, Sonic: Stage 1 - (Un)Ceremonious Arrival

Bound by loyalty towards Soleanna and its people, Bianca Helios will raise her blade for her people! She is one of the highest-ranking and most well-respected soldiers of the Soleanna Royal Guard, as well as the bodyguard of the soon-to-be duchess of Soleanna and her childhood friend, Princess Elise Soleanna III.

Bianca is a supporting character in Flames of Fate and Destined Dark, where she most prominently appears in Episode Sonic: Through the Flames as a sort of ally to Sonic throughout his adventure in Soleanna. However, she seems to be unaware of what may be going on behind the scenes...


Bianca is a Mobian bighorn sheep standing at four feet, nine inches tall with a well-toned and slightly broad-shouldered but feminine physical figure. She sports arctic white fur around her body, a head of pale blonde, chin-length hair that is lightly swept back, and a pair of eyes with irises sporting a striking blue shade. She also sports a light tan muzzle with a small black nose at the center, a set of small ears with pale pink insides, and a set of horns at the top of her head.

Bianca wears the typical uniform of the Soleanna Royal Guard. The uniform itself consists of a dark green coat with twin coattails, white cuffs, and a pair of leather shoulder pads - all of which sport gold accents, buttons, and piping, a white formal dress shirt underneath the coat, a pair of white slim-fit trousers, and a pair of brown leather boots that each sport a dark green cloth with gold buttons around the boot's shaft. The insignia of Soleanna and another one sporting her military rank, both of which take on a gold coloration, is plastered on her left and right shoulder pads, respectively.


Bianca normally comes across as the typical noblewoman, in the sense that she is incredibly formal and stiff in her mannerisms in most of her interactions. As a member of the Soleanna Royal Guard, she is also known to have a no-nonsense attitude and has a knack for being prepared for almost anything. Despite her more elite status, Bianca isn’t particularly boastful or haughty, but still sports some level of impatience, though this is mostly tied to her strong sense of duty.

She does have a relatively-less stiff side to her, however, though she only really shows this side to Princess Elise, her best friend and closest compatriot since childhood. This close bond the two share has made her fiercely loyal to the princess, and would lay down her life for her sake. This loyalty does extend to the rest of Soleanna as well, particularly the current monarch of the dukedom and Elise’s maternal uncle, Prince Friedrich Luminosa.

She also exhibits a level of compassion and empathy towards others. Some examples of this trait seen in display are when initially showed concern towards Sonic when he told her and Elise to go on ahead without him during Eggman’s sudden attack, as well as when she had a good understanding of Amy’s situation regarding becoming stronger and earning Sonic’s respect and admiration, even supporting her endeavors in doing so. Given that the two hedgehogs were basically strangers to her at that point, it safely suggests that Bianca is a genuinely kind and caring individual behind her typically-stiff demeanor.


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Powers and Abilities

As one of the most well-renowned soldiers of the Soleanna Royal Guard, Bianca is incredibly accomplished and highly skilled with the sword. Her swordplay places a strong emphasis on quick and precise movements, as well as fighting defensively and reacting to any false movements the opposition makes. She is also quite adept in reflexively drawing her blade at brisk speeds when someone attempts to attack her, allowing her to parry the incoming blow and deftly proceed into the offensive.

In regards to her physical capabilities, Bianca has a respectable physical condition. Her physical strength and durability is fairly beyond that of the average human or Mobian, allowing her to effectively carry most normal weapons with ease and take a beating before going down. She is also quite nimble and quick on her feet - befitting her style of swordplay, thus being capable at striking quite quickly and able to evade just as well.

As one of the highest-ranking soldiers in the Soleanna Royal Guard, Bianca has proven to be a capable commander and leader in the occasions where she has to step up, which is fairly often. One instance of her leadership skills being displayed to some extent was when she quickly responded to the sudden attack by Dr. Eggman and immediately began to issue orders towards her subordinates. She is also a competent-enough strategist as well, though she has yet to show it personally.

Meanwhile, she also possesses some magical capability, though most of it consists of bolstering her own physical capabilities and her pool of offensive spells is quite limited. Her most commonly used spells are Solar Blessing, which temporarily strengthens either herself or an ally, Shield of Light, which covers either herself or an ally within a barrier for a short time, and Radiant Flame, which shoots out a projectile made of bright, holy fire.


As skilled a swordswoman as she is, Bianca does have her limitations. First and foremost, her more defensive style of swordplay can leave her vulnerable against those who can find a way to effectively circumvent her quick reactions and overwhelm her. Speaking of which, though she can very well hold her own against several hordes of enemies at once, her relative lack of supernatural powers or abilities on her part means that she normally cannot last nearly as long as others when going through such an endeavor on her own.

There is also the matter of her magical prowess, having an overall limited pool of spells to utilize in combat. On top of having only so much energy within herself to even cast them, this unfortunately means that she will need assistance when dealing with threats in which non-physical attacks would be more effective in dealing with them.

Aside from all that, her normally-stiff demeanor can be grating upon those who are unfamiliar or aren't that close to her, despite the fact that she is otherwise quite capable of being cordial with others. It is worth noting that this may due to such a formal demeanor having a tendency to clash with those with a more casual and laidback outlook, including the likes of Sonic.


  • Bianca is voiced by Tara Platt, who has previously voiced Mitsuru Kirijo from Persona 3 and Persona 4 Arena.
    • However, there are some minor differences between the two characters, such as how Bianca doesn't wield ice or isn't a socially awkward mess, very much unlike Mitsuru.
  • Those who play Dungeons and Dragons might find the spells that Bianca most commonly casts to be familiar, as they are quite similar to some of the spells utilized by the Cleric and Paladin classes.
    • Solar Blessing is taken from Bless,
    • Shield of Light is basically the Shield of Faith,
    • and Radiant Flame is pretty much Sacred Flame.
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