• Princess Elise Soleanna III - Bianca’s closest friend since childhood, she has stuck by Elise’s side throughout the years and continues to do so through her position as her bodyguard since officially becoming enlisted as a soldier for the Soleanna Royal Guard.
  • Prince Friedrich Luminosa - as the Duke of Soleanna, Bianca answers to him with the utmost loyalty. She isn’t quite as close to him as she is with Elise, however, and there are some things about him that she is quite uninformed of.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - though she isn’t entirely keen on the hedgehog’s impatient and headstrong demeanor, Bianca does hold a level of respect for Sonic and owes him a debt of gratitude for helping out.


  • Amy Rose - Bianca has only really interacted with the pink hedgehog once, but she does hold a fairly positive opinion of Amy and supports her endeavors.
  • Prince Albus Soleanna - Bianca admittedly didn’t interact with Elise’s father all that much, but she still finds his unfortunate passing due to the supposed accident ten years prior to be tragic.


  • Dr. Eggman - Bianca is obligated to do all she can against the doctor’s forces, since he is after Elise and the Flames of Disaster sealed within her.

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