Beverly Beaver
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Beverly Beaver is a swimming instructor who works at a gym in Station Square. She is the girlfriend of Toffee the Sheep.

Physical Description

A fairly limber beaver who stands a little over three feet tall, Beverly has a short muzzle with a round nose, small, rounded ears, and a rather thick, flat tail that resembles a paddle. Her hard front teeth are always visible, even when her mouth is closed.

Her fur is primarily beaver brown in color, with a burlywood muzzle, inner ears, chest and stomach, as well as a seal brown tail. Her hair, which is fairly long and usually pulled back in a low-hanging ponytail, is black bean in color, and her eyes are myrtle green in color.

Her usual attire consists of a shiny shamrock tank top with black trim, shiny shamrock track shorts with black trim, and shiny shamrock boots with white cuffs and a black stripe down the front.



Base Stats
SpeedGood on land
Great in water
ReflexesGood on land
Great in water
Other Stats

Thanks to her job, Beverly is quite physically fit. She is a strong and fast swimmer, and has great stamina, both on land and in the water. Despite her level of fitness, she isn't a terribly strong fighter, primarily due to her lack of combat knowledge; anyone who's much more used to fighting would have an instant advantage over her, as the most she knows how to do is punch and kick.

Being a beaver, her broad, flat tail is surprisingly strong, and she can lay a hefty strike with it if necessary. Her front teeth are also incredibly hard and sharp, and she has pretty strong jaws, giving her a serious bite force; she can bite through wood with ease.

Beverly is also a novice-level hydrokinetic, and primarily uses weak, low-level techniques of the Water Element, such as Bubble and Water Gun.


Beverly has no specific resistances to any Elements or energy-types. She has good speed and stamina, able to outpace slower, less fit foes, especially when in the water. Moisture-heavy areas and rainy weather strengthen her hydrokinesis, making it a bit stronger than normal.


Beverly has no specific weaknesses to any Elements or energy-types. Her defenses aren't anything special, making her quite fragile in a fight. Hot, dry weather completely nullifies her hydrokinesis, given how it's only novice-level to begin with.

Friends and Foes







Friendly and bubbly, Beverly loves to be active. She seems to constantly keep a positive outlook on things, and it's quite hard to dampen her mood. She's quite an idealist, however, and is often ruled by emotion, rather than logic and realism; this generally makes her an overly trusting person, and she is also fairly gullible.

Positive Traits

  • Friendly

Neutral Traits

  • Idealist

Negative Traits

  • Somewhat gullible