Betty the Hedgefox is the daughter of Titania the Hedgehog, and a member of the Femme Fatales.

Betty the Hedgefox

Biographical Information
  • Heartless Saga: 7
  • Post-Heartless Saga Gen I: 15
  • Post-Heartless Saga Gen II: 35
  • Betty Lovely (Full Name from her father's side)
  • Baby Girl (by Hardrock)
Romantic InterestsHardrock the Echidna (future husband)
Physical Description
  • Fur: White-blonde, w/ peach skin & curly Titania-like quills
  • Eyes: Crystal blue
  • Has a tail & white furred muzzle
  • Blue denim jacket
  • White t-shirt
  • Blue denim skirt
  • Black leggings
  • White gloves
  • Black trainers
Political Alignment and Abilities
WeaponryBlood-Hawk Pom-Poms
  • Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, both unarmed and armed with hidden blades (within pompoms)
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Enhanced reflexes
  • Skilled dancer & cheerleader
  • Talented at playing synthesizer
  • Trained acrobat
  • Possesses the genetic ability Immunity.
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Ring a Bell by Bonnie Pink
Original CreatorFlashfire212 & SallyGirl

Physical Appearance

Betty has white-blonde fur and crystal blue eyes, with a white furred muzzle, tail, and reasonably large chest, like her mother. Her quills are also of the same design as her mother, although curly, plus the three bangs on her forehead are slightly sharper.


Note: This outfit is a placeholder, awaiting final version from my "fashion coordinator" - Flash

Betty wears a white t-shirt with a blue denim jacket and skirt, black leggings and trainers, and a pair of ubiquitous white gloves. However, in her time as a Heartless-possessed prisoner, she wore a tank top and three-quarter-length pants in purple, with a short skirt-like part and triangle-like fabric fold on the shirt, each in a darker purple.


Early Years

Betty was born prematurely to Titania the Hedgehog and Richie the Fox, a case induced by a mysterious illness afflicting Titania. This resulted in Betty living in an isolation ward for a few weeks, before being allowed to go home, with no lasting side-effects on her life. At the age of three, Titania took Betty, Richie and the rest of the couple's daughters with her back to her old hometown, New Mobotropolis, where she finally made peace with her old crush Will, her rival for his affections, turned his wife Maddy, and their three children - Ellie, Daniel, and Greg, who was himself only a few months older than Betty. It was at the meeting of families that Betty revealed that she could control fire, something that surprised Titania, but not Richie so much, who revealed his untrained skill with fire. After that point, each were given a few tutorials in pyrokinesis by Will, but not much due to them returning to Mercia a few months later. However, Richie did start teaching his daughter how to fight, both unarmed and a pair of special cheer-leading pop-poms, each with a blade hidden within.

Heartless War

Her peaceful life fell apart at the age of seven. On the day of her seventh birthday, Heartless attacked Mercia, capturing Betty and the rest of her family, possessing them and sending all nine members of her family to different corners of the world. In her Heartless form, she was used as part of living shield group for a command Heartless in the body of Sally Acorn, queen of the Drakon Kingdom. Regularly, the group skirmished with freedom fighters and other resistance groups, but the one time that Betty was put into action as a shield was in Sally's attempt to recapture a renegade command Heartless-possessed Mobian, revealed to be none other than Will. In the first instance of such a technique being used, the echidna actually purified the minds of each and every member of the underage shield group, restoring their minds but not their bodies. Sally, however, avoided the technique and had all of the young female guards imprisoned, and assigned the Heartless-possessed Toxic the Hedgehog to serve as their guard. This dangerous situation was remedied towards the end of the war by the intervention of members of the United Coalition, an alliance made of the Freedom Fighters Mk. II, Femme Fatales, G.U.N Remnant, Shattered Hammer Fist and the remains of the Eggman Empire and Moebian Liberation Army amongst other groups, spearheaded by Will. For the final part of the war, Betty, having acclimatised herself with the power of her Heartless-enhanced body, fought alongside the Femme Fatales against Heartless forces. After the timeline reset, it is believed that this version of Betty still fights the Heartless.

Post-Heartless Saga

After the timeline alteration, Betty, now thankfully restored to her previous appearance, started going to school in Mobotropolis, staying with her mother's family while her sisters stayed in Mercia, to her joy. She became known as an acrobat, cheerleader and dancer, while her skill on a synthesizer made her a logical musical choice to join her friends in Team Gals. It was around this time that she started falling under the abuse of Hardrock the Echidna, who regularly spied on her getting changed for sport class or cheer-leading practice, groped her and hit on her. However, Betty actually found it flattering that when she tried to confront the boy about it, he would start to stammer and accidentally reveal his crush on her.


Betty is a trained gymnast and acrobat, capable of achieving physical positions viewed by some as being physically impossible, similar to her mother. Due to this, she is extremely agile and quick on her feet, capable of dodging most attacks, be they physical or energy based, although moves with a wider area of effect are a lot more dangerous for her, as well as out-maneuvering most opponents, barring those with super speed. Her greater skill, however, was training provided to her by her father in the art of targeting physiology, in particular, pressure points. As such, she can use a series of rapid strikes to the pressure points to prevent her opponent from using energy attacks of any kind, as well as paralyzing and possibly killing, although due to her typically gentle heart, she hasn't used that aspect of combat yet. The only weapons she has been seen wielding is a pair of cheer-leading pom-poms, although each has a knife-blade hidden within. She knows quite a few powerful Fire abilities and is capable of using them, but her flames are easily extinguished by Water or Wind. She is immune to poisons of any sort, thanks to a genetic ability inherited from her father known as Immunity.

Fire Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Betty is extremely bubbly and outgoing, yet somewhat of an airhead, similar to her mother. She constantly seeks attention, performing her acrobatic tricks at the drop of a hat. This is mostly due to the fact that attention was spread throughout the eight similar looking sisters, including herself, creating a form of neglect of her mental wellbeing. As such, she loves even the brutal attention given to her by Hardrock, even though his conduct is inappropriate. Betty has tight bonds of loyalty to her friends and family, refusing to betray them unless one threatens to attack or harm another, which often results in her intervening to protect the one being attacked. She also refuses to hold a grudge about the events on the battlefield, despite the actions of her enemies. She is known to be quite close to non-anthro animals and Pokémon as well, teaching them tricks. This may be due to her training as an acrobat from a circus, which possessed performing animals and Pokémon. She has a slight tendency to be superficial, comparing herself to others and warning away bad moods, due to them "causing acne", again, possibly because of the neglect as a younger child.

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