Bethany the Mountain Lion is a character by Monk the Cat.

Bethany is a fifteen year old Mountain Lion who can manipulate "summoning" energy and  electro magnetic energy. She gained both of her abilities from her parents.

Physical Description

Bethany is a relatively short, and thin coeurl. She has several long strands of hair that go down her back. She has small fangs and claws, that are razor sharp. She has a single scar that adorns her left cheek. Being a coeurl, Bethany can have tentacles on her back. The tentacles range from being small, to taller than she is, and are quite dexterious and resistant.

She is commonly seen wearing a light grey cloak, that goes down to just above her feet, which have brown leather boots over her feet. She often wears a worn, white hood over her head. She wears tough light gray gloves with small slits for her claws to fit through. Often she will not wear the gloves. Underneath the cloak she has a basic gray t-shirt and wears jeans that go down to the boots.


Bethany is a shy and elusive coeurl. She is unknown to almost everyone, and the only people who know of her are her friends. She is very clever and intelligent and can often defeat someone in a battle of wits. She doesn't mind crowds or other people so much as they don't start asking about who she is. Bethany is also a little spoiled and arrogant.


She can summon beings of energy and have them fight for her. The "Summoned" beings that she makes can also have color to make them look real. The "Summoned" can fight with weapons and can take several hits.

Bethany can also enter her "true" coeurl form, appearing as a large cat-like creature with brown fur. She becomes quite muscular and tall. In that form she still has tentacles, which are longer and stronger than usual. Her front legs are also twice as long as her back ones. In coeurl form, she has access to very fast speeds and great amounts of strength, while she loses her other powers, and a lot of her clear thinking.


Bethany is quite skilled at "summoning" energy creatures to fight for her. She has very little skill with melee fighting: when she does fight this way, she will rapidly and wildly slash at enemies with her knife or claws. She is also very smart and is a good diplomat.

Items in Possession

  • A walking staff: Just a tall wooden staff used for walking.
  • An ivory knife: A knife carved by Marrow, and marked with his insignia.



Relationships with Other Characters


Gabriel ???

Marrow the Raccoon




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