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  1. She is Glock Herrman's wife. She and her son escaped to Westside Island when the New Order threatened her and her son's wellbeing.
  2. Her favorite food is key lime pie.
  3. She can sing amazingly good, being the lead singer in her Mobius based band, called The Two-Tailed Queen of Pop by the Mobian Public during the 1960's.


Berreta is a female fox, about 57 years old. She wears a white shirt and denim jeans, white gloves, tennis shoes, and a wedding ring. She is a kitsune, with crimson fur (similar to Fiona Fox).


Berreta is a sweet and gentle woman, what would you expect from a grandma. She has a temper, and is not afraid to show it, especially when her grandson misbehaves or the monarch's grandson is being invasive or asks dumb questions.


She was born in Raysfield, Eastern Cross, United States of Mobius in 1940. Since there were no schools in Raysfield, she attended Glock's school at Danielsburg School for Prodigies and Intellectuals. She was the crowning jewel of her class. She got the best grades and was the best singer. But her attitude was arrogant. She stomped on her classmates like it was going out of style. Then she met Glock. He undone Berreta's standing by outclassing her in the talent show by playing the fiddle like it was 1953. He got 1st place due to his originality and the skill. Berreta was jealous of Glock's abilities, unable to cope with losing the talent show. Then Glock asked to be friends with her. She envied him, until he told Berreta that she is the most beautiful Mobian he'd ever encountered. She started to wonder why she'd ever envied him, and started to break the ice between her and Glock. After 2 months of being friends, she started to fall for him, and Glock asked her out. She went out with him and by the age of 21 (8 years of dating), they married and made a son together in 1960. She fled to Westside Island when her and her son where targeted by the New Order, and Eggman chased down Berreta and Franchi to try to break Glock. Berreta fought back so her and Franchi could escape to the Frozen City. When July 4, 1997 (Restoration Day) came, she, Franchi and his pregnant wife went back to Danielsburg to meet Glock. Her family was reformed and she shared the monetary gains of Glock when she returned to his house, now a mansion. She now lives in Danielsburg, Eastern Cross, United States of Mobius.


She can use telekinesis, but only on a very full stomach. If she hasn't eaten in a while, it would actually cause hypoglycemia if she uses telekinesis due to the fact her metabolism goes crazy during the time she uses telekinesis.


She is a skilled weaver, picking up the skills from the monarch's consulate, when a 10 year old Saphir taught her how to weave cotton into winter coats to survive in Northern Zima's freezing temperatures. She has a green thumb, having a huge garden in Glock's patio. She can sing like a angel, and she makes it look so easy.


Her sense of smell is stronger than normal, and that was used against her when the Russian Government tortured her by spraying thioacetone into the room she was in until she collapsed from shock due to the malodorant.

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