Bernie Rose is the son of Sonic and Amy, the younger brother of Dara and Fletcher, the brother-in-law of Judy and Randy Sr., and the uncle of Randy Jr..


Early life

Bernie was born at the Tommy Turtle Memorial Hospital in 3254 for the Kingdom of Mobotropolis as a sick hedgehog, causing him to play acts in a dangerous area until he did things better and got glasses in 3258.

When Mobius celebrated 25 years of Elias becoming king of Acorn, he, his family and his friends attended the anniversary. Not long after the anniversary, at which time he met Barbara Acorn. The two fell in love.

In spring 3266, Bernie visited the Kingdom of Doom to help while his older sister Dara was pregnant with a baby. Bernie had plenty of adventures there, like bouncing and having to wear an eye-patch after having an accident in a mineshaft.

When Bernie returned from the Kingdom of Doom in autumn 3266, he showed his father a picture of his nephew. Sonic liked the picture, and was guessing that this is a picture of his and Amy's grandson. Bernie took the picture to the Kingdom of Doom, and the picture stayed inside of Doom Castle.


Bernie is portrayed as a steady, thoughtful and mature hedgehog who is ready to offer advice. He is ready to be put in charge and keep his friends in order.







  • He is named in honor of Sonic's father, but with Amy's surname.
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