Bere island history

'The fox tribe found this land for the royal fox family. blast was one of the members of the family he just doesn't knows it.'

==Connection to echidnas'
Bere island
Highest point
Mount fox
lowest point
Bantry valley
The island of hope,Unown island
The royal fox family\fox tribe

== Echidna tribes killed the foxes who lived their.but blast was never found.

Cities,states,and the contry

The foxes still own the country,and they made 6 states 61 is the total of all the states' cities.The country name is foxland.The last city added was ice-town.


in the north west side of the island is a tropical rain forest that has the most rain.

Mostly the island is tripical.


  • Bere island is the bigest island in the bantry bay
  • The reason you don't see any other islands is because the water level is getting highter each year
  • Bere island is the best place to take a vacation at because its tropical
  • Did you know that the techtonic plate name is Bere plate
  • The only place the echidna tribe killed th fox tribe is at grass-land
  • Blast was the first person to recover this island
  • It is named bere because of its little ice sheet in the middle of the island


Grass land is the most tropicalest out of all the places on Bere island it used to be a single island but in 999 years ago it came togethor with bere island.


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