Benjamin the Warrior

Ben in one of his outfits!


Benjamin the Warrior is the fursona of Rosario Cross' younger brother.


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Early life

Benjamin lived with his parents and older sister, he went to a junior school, as he was 3 years younger than his sister.

Life in Mobius

He found Mobius with his sister, he did training and became a warrior at the age of 9.

Personality & Traits

Physical Traits

Benjamin is a light brown hedgehog with blue eyes and short hair. He often likes his hair spikey, as Sonic, Shadow and Silver are his idols.


He has a wild obsession with video games and computers, being kind and quiet when he plays on them. But when people get on his bad side, his personality changes to the opposite.

He doesn't like being called Benjamin, so most people call him Ben.

Abilities & Powers

Sword & Gun Fighting

Benjamin is skilled with swords and guns, he was taught how to use guns and swords by Shadow. He can use his elemental powers to power up his weapons.

Element Powers

He can control the 4 main elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. He is learning the rest as time goes on.

Super Forms

As most hedgehogs do, Benjamin has a super, hyper and dark form. In super, he has yellow fur and red eyes, in Hyper, his eyes stay the same but his fur goes white, and in dark form, his fur goes black and his eyes go dark blue.

Weaknesses & Fears

(Not available since Rosario hasn't asked her brother yet >.>)


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Talia the Magician

Talia is Ben's older sister (By 3 years). Most of the time they get along, but they can get into fights when arguing over something.


"I'll go play on my computer now" ~Going to play on his computer.

"Come on sis, play with me!" ~Bugging Talia to play with him.


This is based on Rosario's little brother, who has gave her permission to do so, and this is based on him.

His voice actor is Rosario's little brother. (Obviously >.>)


  • Ben in Super form!
  • Ben in Hyper form!
  • Ben in Dark form...
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