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This is an article about Bengy the Hedgehog, a character created by UPgraded on 12/23/2015.


Bengy is a hedgehog with a white coat of fur that covers most of his body, with peach skin sprinkled throughout. He wears a black coat with yellow stripes around the chest area and has a red bracelet on his left wrist with real diamond on both sides.




Early Life

Not much is known about Bengy in his early life. It is known that he had a crush on Sindra the Cat .


After Sonic had come back after complaining to Tails about the communicator, Bengy decided to scare them both. He hid in a dark place for at least two minutes, but his fear of darkness got the best of him and he had a panic attack.

He wasn't seen until the day of the mission, however, it is mentioned by Knuckles that he was teaching and mentoring Spring. He taught Spring hand to hand combant and some mental strategies.

Once Sonic had passed out and Lapin and Ericius had been killed, he lost hope. He used the last of his energy to save Sindra from being killed by ZERO, but then crashed out immediatly after and was captured along with an injured Sindra. He stated that he was happy Sindra and him shared the same cell because her beautiful and funny personality made him happy.




He has no known powers


He is known to be able to throw axes at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour and can easily swim at any depths.


Bengy is very skilled with axes and was born from a family with a lumber company, in which he helped with since he was about six years old. This is displayed when he threw an axe into a brainwashed girl who attempted to stab Sonic with a kukri.


His only known weakness is dark places. He was seen hiding in a dark area in an attempt to scare Sonic and Tails, however, his fear of darkness got the best of him and he had a panic attack.


  • He has a crush on Sindra
  • Bengy's family owned a lumber company that got shut down because of Eggman
  • Bengy's name comes from Stampy's puppy, Bengy.

Theme Songs

Drumstep - Tristam - The Vine Monstercat Release

Drumstep - Tristam - The Vine Monstercat Release

Yes, I know this song was made 20 hours ago

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