This is an article about Belzeb The Fly, a character created by Dragonempeorslayer on 08/29/2014.


Belzeb is very cruel and vain, oppose to Amethyst personality. He haves no compassion and lack of any kindness. Belzeb also haves no honor, he is prone to violence and wickedness.

Belzeb is a utterly sociopath and dirt fighter, no squalls about cheat or blackmails the others.


Belzeb born in a unknown zone. He at some point he meets Moskita, Semas and Kuran. Then some point he and his friends meets Team Stardust.

Powers, Abilities and Skills

As a fly he haves wings that grants him the power to fly

Physical Abilities

He haves a slender built that gives his some agility and speed. Also he haves a notable speed and strength, also acrobatic skills. Also he haves a great resistance and endurance.

Darkness Manipulation

Belzeb is able to manipulates and generates the darkness, he is able to shot bolts of dark energy and form whips of shadows. Also he can uses in defensive form, like forming shields and walls.

Fighting Skills

He is a able fighter, he can fight in equal to Amethyst.


He is very weak to fire. He also very weak to poison. His major weakened is his ego.

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