"Have you ever wondered if we're all just in one person's head, just little ideas floating around in the endless expanse of one's brain wrinkles?"
This is an article about Bellow the Lamb, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 12/6/2014.


Bellow appears to be a short, scrawny lamb mobian with white hair wearing nothing but a captain's coat (with no shirt on underneath) and jeans. His hair is styled into a small afro with nubby horns slightly rising from it, along with. His clothing seems to be old and tattered, yet somewhat sophisticated, as the arm and leg collars are lined with puffy white fleece that never seems to get dirty. Bellow also has a bizarre pattern hidden under his coat, which seems to resemble a crescent moon and a star.


Bellow is a very calm individual. Always talking about peace and how nice the weather is, it seems as if he doesn't even have a care in the world. Bellow never really minds when people wake him up from his naps, and also somewhat enjoys company to talk with. Bellow also tends to speak his mind more often than most others, but it's a good thing that he usually has only either positive things to say about a person or random thoughts he comes up with. Bellow has been shown to possess slightly more intelligence than most others, yet never seems to do anything with it willingly.


Bellow's past is mostly unknown. The first real documented sightings of him were when he was found asleep in one of EQuartz Industries' prison cells, specifically on sublevel 7 of Impalement, the highest security prison to date. When he was pulled away to be interrogated as to why he was there, Bellow's wavelength had put the guards to sleep and escaped while sleepwalking. He was later spotted a few days later sleeping on the support poles holding up the ceiling to a factory building, and had rolled off of it, falling onto a conveyor belt and landing in a box unharmed. Eventually, a mechanical suit was built that blocked out Bellow's wavelength from affecting the wearer, and he was contained in a large steel sphere with a tropical-themed synthetic island inside, where he now spends his days resting and occasionally being brought out for various reasons.


Bellow's greatest power is one he is not even aware of. His soul gives off a calming wavelength for about 20 feet around him, causing anyone within range to slowly calm and become chill like him, eventually ending in them dozing off. The intensity of this effect decreases the further away one is from him.

Another ability he has is that he can take balls of his fleece from his afro and fling it at people, with the balls then sticking to their body via static electricity, and the hair then immediately grows back on him. He can also unleash a powerful yawn that not only speeds up his wavelength's effect, but also deals sound-based damage to a wide area.  Bellow does have a form he takes when he's fully awake, but it's very risky and he loses all control when in that form.


Despite being constantly drowsy and lackadaisical with the world around him, Bellow has been shown to be quite athletic for his size, able to slip and dodge through enemy attacks with ease. Even when he sleeps, Bellow is still difficult to hit, as he tends to sleepwalk even when in the middle of battle, where his wavelength is still emitted. Bellow has also been shown to be capable of communing with spirits that most others wouldn't see or even hear, which helps whenever nobody comes around to visit him.


Bellow's only real weakness is that if one can catch him and not be affected by his wavelength long enough to stay awake, he's easy prey to his captor. Aside from that, Bellow's wavelength can only reach so far before losing it's effect on people.

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