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"There's beauty in movement, and the freedom that comes with never having to stop."

-- Bella Bandicoot

This article refers to the character owned by Kagimizu (formerly Famotill). For other uses of the name "Bella", see Bella (Disambiguation).

Bella Bandicoot

Bella Bandicoot with her current look.

Biographical Information
Age 19
  • N/A

Puerla Cana

Current Residence

The City of Olara

Profession(s), Occupation(s)


  • Bell
  • Bell-Pepper
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species Bandicoot
Gender Female
  • Fur: Brown
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Orchid
  • Birthday: July 7
  • Orange t-shirt
  • Black short-shorts
  • Orange go-go boots
  • Orange fingerless gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations The Lady Riders
Weaponry None 
  • Extreme Gear riding (Speed-type)
Super Forms None
Other Information

Soft Drinks, Swimming, Boys, Partying, Racing, Playing Video Games, Fashion, Dancing


Being Bored, Losing, Frenchy the Bandicoot, Being Betrayed, Having Pranks Pulled on Her


ベッラ トヘ バンディクオート

American V.A. Andrea Zafra
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Famotill

Bella Bandicoot is the leader of the Lady Riders. She is a bandicoot and is very flirty. She loves to ride her gear and party. Bella hails from Puerla Cana. She is somewhat of a fashionista, she is also a romantic interest of Toxic the Hedgehog. She currently lives in the City of Olara with her best friends and teammates. She also competes in their Blades Tournament.


Early life

Bella was born in Puerla Cana to the couple Jorge and Angela, both bandicoots. During her younger years, Bella was a regular "wild child", always running, climbing, and finding adventure everywhere she could, from her own house to the rainforests just outside of town, continuously proving to be a handful for her family and the community in general. While it always bothered her mother that Bella would only act like a cute and feminine little girl to gain her parents' favor, Angela soon conceded that her daughter had a strong and free spirit that wouldn't be tamed anytime soon. A spirit that was only fed by Bella's father Jorge enthralling her by telling stories of what he'd seen on his trips. The vivid imagery would give birth to Bella's desire to see more of the world. During this time in her life, Bella would also discover a love for sports like skateboarding and surfing, a desire that would one day evolve into a passion for Extreme Gear riding.

During her later Middle School and early High School years, Bella was exposed to the social habits and vulnerabilities of her fellow peers. While Bella never put a great amount of emphasis on her appearance when she was younger, the female bandicoot soon discovered that other girls could use their looks to their advantage. Her own natural features and attributes had already begun to grow in, and after taking a shot at taking advantage of her own feminine attributes, Bella soon found she enjoyed the new-found confidence and attention she gained from dressing herself up a bit. Combined with her positive attitude and love for excitement, the bandicoot soon found herself being among the most popular and sought-after girls in the school. Bella never went to extremes nor offered her body for something, but she did enjoy the little perks she was able to get with a little flirting, like the last serving of a food she liked in the cafeteria, or some help with the schoolwork she couldn't quite handle herself. It was also during these years in school that she discovered her love for the partying and dancing scene, often visiting the best clubs whenever she had the chance.

Spreading Her Wings

Unfortunately, Bella's life was not the ideal situation one might think. Her parents, both of which were very religious, always disapproved of the lifestyle Bella had come to love and enjoy. Her parents feared that Bella taking advantage of her looks and constantly partying was taking away from her actual studies and the chance for a successful life. What's more, while it was never spoken out loud, it was obvious that both family and friends of the family speculated that Bella took part in drugs and indecent acts; rumors that weren't kept so quiet around the school despite Bella's vehement protests against the rumors. The rumors only gave an additional reason for Bella to carry out a decision she had long been considering...

For months now, Bella had found herself stifled by the small town that had so far been her entire world. The emphasis on the religious views she found to be too heavily restricting for her, and the small town and surrounding rainforests could no longer satisfy her desire for adventure and exploration. On the other hand, over the years had found herself to be adept in riding Extreme Gear, easily the best in her town. The amount of skill Bella displayed brought her to the attention of many sponsors, who saw Bella's beauty and ability to be a perfect combination. All of these factors eventually came to cement Bella's decision in the course she would take in life. A few months after Bella's 15th birthday, she went to her parents and told them her intent: to travel to the United Federation and take part in mainstream Extreme Gear competitions.

At first, both Angela and Jorge viciously opposed Bella's life-changing decision. Not only did Bella have a pair of twin siblings at only two years old; her parents also believed that Bella's only intent was to do more partying and take part in "more" questionable acts without her parents able to keep an eye on her. Bella however explained that she was indeed serious about pursuing Extreme Gear Riding as a profession. She could no longer take the stifling religious views of the community and continuing to live in scenery she by now knew by heart. She needed to leave; to see and experience new things out in the world; to see the vivid images her father had described to her so many years before with her own two eyes. Both Jorge and Angela then saw the obvious: Bella sincerely desired to go out into the world, and would do so with our without their consent. In the end, Bella's parents reluctantly gave her their consent, both secretly hoping that Bella's experience in foreign lands would help her to change her ways, or even make her gain new appreciation for her roots and her family's religious views (though they would be sorely disappointed in the months to come). With a grand party held by the town to bid Bella farewell and wish her good luck, Bella left her hometown of Puerla Cana to see the world.

Meeting Natalya

Magical Encounter

Bella and her new friend Natalya decided to race. In order to avoid any distractions they went out to the desert. Before they could even finish the race however they found a mysterious lampy. It was one of the "genie" lamps. Knowing this Bella and Natalya jokingly rubbed it. What it revealed would surprise both the girls. A genie did appear, Jassy. Natalya had a lot of wishes she wanted to have granted, but Bella wished for Jassy's freedom. Natalya shocked, was at first disappointed. However, when she realized she had a genie as a friend she quickly used it to her advantage. The three remain best friends.


Bella is your typical fun-loving girl with a passion for partying and having a good time in general. Bella is anything but shy, and is also quite flirtatious, often doing so for her own advantage or simply for a little fun. Bella herself doesn't mind being the object of flirtation, but won't hesitate to strike back if someone goes too far or gets too aggressive. As a professional and well-known Extreme Gear racer, Bella puts a great deal of emphasis on her reputation and character, and puts a great deal of work into maintaining it. Despite her apparent confidence, Bella isn't the best loser and often puts herself down when on the receiving end of such a loss. While she has always been a very adventurous girl, Bella grew up as a daddy's girl and as such doesn't particularly like "roughing it" for long periods, often preferring to be pampered and on some occasions, treated like a princess. With only a 2nd year high-school education, Bella isn't the sharpest tool in the box, but is actually quite intelligent in terms of street-smarts.

Bella has always had an almost obsessive passion for speed and competitive racing. At first this passion was somewhat satiated by board-related sports like skateboarding, mountain-boarding, and surfing, but could only be finally fulfilled when Bella discovered Extreme Gear riding; a sport she quickly picked up. Unlike her teammate Kori, Bella is quite afraid of heights and as such strongly dislikes gliding and grinding, preferring to enjoy her speed close to the ground. Bella's adventurous streak stems from a very curious nature; an aspect of her personality that can land her in tough and/or dangerous situations, often requiring her to be rescued. Despite lacking any real special abilities, Bella often tries to help others and act like a hero. Unfortunately, this often results in Bella biting off more than she can chew.

Bella absolutely adores life in the big city, particularly for the many huge shopping malls all across the city. This is due to the fact that Bella loves shopping, and has a passion for fashion. In fact, it is a very rare thing for Bella to not be up-to-date on the newest and most popular styles and trends. However, this shallow side of Bella's personality causes her to be quite a spendthrift, buying clothes and various other items recklessly and without regard to her current finances. This can and often does get Bella into some serious monetary trouble, which Bella usually solves either by going to friends for money or by taking part in competitions to earn the money she needs.


Color: Red

Hobby: Racing

Food: Arroz con Gandules, Chilli

Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, EX Racing

Music Genre(s): Spangish Reggae, Hip-Hop, Pop

Movie Genre(s): Horror, Western, Romance


Bella is a female Mobian bandicoot, with brown fur, peach skin, and lavender almond-shaped eyes. Bella typically wears her long, straight brown hair held up in a ponytail, with a bang hanging over her face, partially covering one of her eyes. Her muzzle has a red marking under each eye that goes down her cheeks, which are relatively fang-like but rounded at the end. To match with her flirty personality, Bella has a very curvacious, well-developed figure; a buxom chest, a slim, curvy waist, a round rump, and firm, toned legs, all of which is kept trim by her extensive Extreme Gear Racing.

Formerly, Bella wore a red one-piece dress with a short skirt and spaghetti straps. Along with this, she wore red gloves with scrunchie-like cuffs, red knee-length go-go boots with a white stripe going down the middle of the boots, white soles, and white socks. Her hair was also held up with a red scrunchy. Eventually she exhanged her dress for a two-piece outfit. Her top was a red sleeveless shirt, with an up-turned white-trimmed collar that became a low V-cut. Her top was rather unique in that the right half cut off at a downward angle towards her middle, exposing her midsection. However, the left half of her shirt extended down to just below the end of her shorts, becoming drapy and dress-like from the cutoff down. With this Bella wore red short-shorts with a white trim around her waist. Her shoes and gloves remained the same, but she wears gold bangles around the cuffs of both her gloves and shoes. With both outfits she wore red eye shadow.

However, Bella's outfit later changed greatly. Her top became a tight orange T-shirt, with a square-cut opening with a thick white trim for her head that exposes some of her cleavage, and cuts off to reveal her midsection. A black line also goes down the middle of the shirt. With this she wears a pair black of form-fitting short-shorts and orange knee-length boots with black cuffs and soles, now with two white stripes parallel to each other going vertically along the boots. Her gloves are exhanged for orange fingerless gloves with black cuffs and white trim around each of the finger openings. Her hair scrunchy and eye shadow are now orange, while the markings on her face remain red.


Bella is a "normal" girl, and as such she has no extraordinary abilities. However, while she has no truly unique abilities, Bella is an expert when it comes to any sport that requires the use of a board. Skateboarding, surfing, mountain-boarding, surfing; Bella is extremely skilled in every one of them. However, her skills truly shine in Extreme Gear racing, where Bella is among the best racers in the United Federation competitive circuit. In addition to her capabilities in board sports, Bella is an excellent dancer. While generally capable of dancing all-around, Bella greatly prefers and is much better in more fast-paced high-tempo types of dance, such as club-dancing, salsa, and the like. While Bella is hardly a professional dancer, she is quite capable of keeping up and a very skilled dancer in her own right.

Due to often being caught in dangerous situations and insistence on being able to "protect that pretty face", Bella has received self-defense training from Toxic in terms of hand-to-hand combat. While Bella's fighting capabilities are nowhere near the level of highly trained or professional fighters, her constant activity in sports like Extreme Gear riding have had the surprising effect of giving Bella a surprisingly strong body (by normal standards), particularly in her core and legs. Even without her self-defense training, Bella's popularity and desirability back in Puerla Cana has given Bella a decent level of street-fighting experience, which has been added to by her training.

La Pasion Explosiva

"La Pasion Explosiva" or "Explosive Passion" is Bella's extreme gear. The board is white with a red, grey, and yellow design and trim. The bottom of the board is adorned with Bella's icon. Because the board is so fast, it is rather unstable. To prevent falling off, Bella's board is equipped with foot latches to make sure she is secure. She is a speed type.

Board Stats
Stats Level
Durability 3.5
Speed 4
Acceleration 5
Grinding 2.5
Gliding 2.5
Handle 3
Defense 4
Total 24.5/35
Other Info
Name Pasion Explosiva
Type Speed
Owner Bella Bandicoot

Version 2.0

Some time later, Bella had her Extreme Gear put through some unusual upgrades, thanks to some reluctant assistance from Statyx the Hedgehog. In order to give Bella some self-preservation capabilities, the board was installed with smokescreen generators, flares, and an energy net launcher on the rear of the board, giving Bella the ability to make quick escapes from dangerous situations. These functions have however been programmed to lock down during official races, so as to prevent Bella from using them for an unfair advantage. In order to accommodate the additional weight, the engines and thrusters have been given increased power, while the front of the board has been give additional weight to provide balance to the board. The extra power in the thrusters make the board even faster, but the weight of the board reduces jump height, giving Bella the capability of making long-distance but relatively low-height jumps, befitting her fear of heights.

Board Stats
Stats Level
Durability 4.5
Speed 5
Acceleration 5
Grinding 2
Gliding 1.5
Handle 3
Defense 4.5
Total 26/35
Other Info
Name Pasion Explosiva
Type Speed
Owner Bella Bandicoot


Sonic The Hedgehog

Bella and Sonic don't interact very much at all. They respect each other as competitors, but besides that they are only acquaintances.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Bella rarely sees Tails. She respects Tails and his intelligence. She is very nice to Tails, but is somewhat envious of his intellect.

Knuckles The Echidna

Knuckles first met Bella at a riders competition she and he were head to head and were almost to the finish line. They were neck-and-neck, but Bella managed to boost just a nose ahead, and win. Ever since then they have been friendly rivals.

Natalya The Raven

Natalya and Bella are best friends. They have been through a lot together. They can trust each other with anything. Natalya usually comes to Bella's aid. Bella is the sweeter of the two and the two sometimes get into arguments that sooner or later get resolved. They are there for each other through thick and thin. They truly care for each other.

Jassy The Genie

Another of Bella's best friends. Bella sees Jassy as a kind girl, and a best friend. She likes that Jassy and Natalya are polar opposites, and often laughs when they bicker. Bella and Jassy often race together. Jassy fixes Bella and Natalya's boards when they are damaged.

Twister Prower

Bella and Twister are very good friends. While Twister often comes off as random to Bella, she still appreciates his type of humor. She often tries to teach him Spanish to no avail. Twister's random acts can often embarrass her, but she sees Twister as a cute little boy.

Sunny The Hedgehog

Bella taught Sunny how to properly use an extreme gear board. Sunny never steps up to Bella's racing challenges knowing that she would lose. Sunny can sometimes get frustrated with Bella when she speaks Spanish to her. Bella will sometimes call her and Silver's friendship "Puppy Love".

Toxic the Hedgehog

Bella's relationship with Toxic is complicated. She really likes him, but due to his reputation fears that no one will understand. She chooses to keep the romance a secret, and tries to avoid Toxic when with other people.

Kori the Squirrel

Bella tends to see Kori's less than enthusiastic attitude as somewhat annoying, but they still are pretty good friends. Bella respects Jassy's want to have Kori in the group. She also sees Kori and Jassy have a friendship like her and Natalya. Bella also likes Kori's need to fly, and glide with the air. While Bella herself likes fast speeds, and more in-your-face type racing, she finds it truly amazing to see Kori pull of amazing stunts.

Jet the Hawk

Bella respects Jet's ability on a voard, and will admit that he is probably better than her. She does however think his high pitch squaks are annoying, and she tries to avoid a long conversation.

Wave the Swallow

Bella respects Wave's mechanic capabilites, and doesn't find her as annoying as Jet.

Storm the Albatross

Bella is actually friends with Storm. She feels bad that he is so slow, and will defend him if necessary. She admires his strength and charisma.

Trixie Bandicoot




Love Interests


Sonic Riders Quotes

  • "Good Choice" -When Selected
    • "Muy Bien"
    • "Gonna burn it Up!"
  • "Muy Caliente" -When making an SS Landing
  • "Woohoo!" - When making an S Landing
  • "Yeah!" - When making an A Landing
  • "Alright, I'll take it!" -When making a B Landing
  • "Okay" - When making a C Landing
  • "Yikes!"-When making a D Landing
  • "Wooaah" -When making an E Landing
  • "Ooh, sorry!" -When passing some-one in Sonic Riders
  • "Uh-oh!" -When being Passed in Sonic Riders
  • "It's Party Time!" -After Winning a Race
    • "Excelente"
    • "Yeah!"
  • "Aww, maybe next time..."- After Losing a Race
    • "What is this?"
    • "That wasn't so caliente..."

Other Quotes

  • "Party Time"
  • "Wooh! I'm gonna take you out!"
  • "Feel the heat!"
  • "I...I lost?!"
  • "Natalya will never let me live this down."
  • "I came so far"
  • "Woo! I won!!!"
  • "Haha!"
  • "I love to race"!


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