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Belial is a Hedgehog who was infused with Chaos Energy by The Despoiler in a experiment to replicate Sonic The Hedgehog's speed, a process which drove him insane.


Belial was a standard red furred hedgehog with multiple scars and open wounds all over his body. His eyes had green pupils. On his back, there was a large scar going down the length of his spine.


Before being infused with Chaos Energy, Belial was a extrovert who loved to read and learn. After being infused with Chaos Energy, He became mentally unstable. He often flew into uncontrollable rages that result in things being broken.



Belial was a bookworm who  often was found reading until he was kidnapped along with other hedgehogs by the Despoiler in a attempt to replicate Sonic's speed. He was subjected to multiple experiments until being infused with Chaos Energy, granting him supersonic speed along with a healing factor but making him quite insane. The Despoiler decided to unleash his creation on Sonic.

Battles with Sonic

Belial then rampaged throughout Mobius until Sonic attacked him in retaliation.The two Hedgehogs were equally matched until Sonic used his superspeed to create a Sonic Boom, stunning Belial long enough for Sonic to retreat. Belial later attacked Sonic on Angel Island and beat Sonic to a bloody pulp before Knuckles dragged Sonic away from him. Sonic finally confronted Belial in Super form and raced toward him to begin their final battle.


Super Sonic was far more powerful than Belial, easily beating him with a punch at FTL speed. Sonic decided to keep Belial from ever harming anyone again by releasing a massive beam of Chaos Energy that killed Belial, leaving him a bloody corpse. Sonic was later called out on this by the Freedom Fighters.


Belial had Superspeed via being infused with Chaos Energy. He also had a healing factor powered by it.


  • Spin Attack
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