This is an article about Belén "Crya" Winchester, a character created by Pyroslasher on 12/28/2013.

Crya is the sister of Pyro, and the daughter of Luna. In roleplays, she does not know that she is the sister of Pyro, and she was originally planned to fall in love with Pyro. Because of the chatroom on this site, the idea was scrapped for Pyro to be in love with the character Nikki.


Her name definetly fits her looks. Her furry muzzle has small cone-shaped hair coming from her mouth, not unlike Tails', just less furry and more pointy at the ends. The back of her hair is completely blue and wavy, yet it's as if someone ripped it, or cut it all of a sudden, since it was uneven. She has yet to change this. The front of her hair is still blue, but it's a lighter blue with snow white streaks in her hair. It's parted to the left, with more sharp ends to her hair. She has brown eyes, with short eyelashes. Her lips are a dark blue color, and her nose is short like a dog, which she is. Her lips are full, her cheeks are plump, however she does not have a double chin.
Going down from her head, she is a small B cup, and she is kind of chubby, though not so big that it is noticeable at first sight. The fur on her body appears everywhere except her arms, which are actually thin, surprisingly. Her hips are bigger than normal, and the same could be said for her butt. Her legs and feet are covered in fur. She has pale skin, as white as snow. She is pretty tall for a Mobian, at 5 feet tall.
When it comes to her clothing, she wears blue earrings with small diamonds in them, a blue ring with another small diamond on her right hand, and she sometimes wears contacts that make her eyes like blue crystals(her natural eye color as I mentioned is brown). She wears a light blue dress that hugs her body, though is still very long. She does not wear shoes whatsoever, and so she just walks around barefooted. She wears long blue gloves to cover her clawed hands, though her feet have incredibly sharp claws that if I haven't made clear yet, are not covered.


Crya is normally calm, but she stays in her castle alot. She traps herself in her castle every so often so that she doesn't explode in front of people, so that she doesn't show off her powers at a bad time. As a Winchester, she is naturally easily angered. However, she is very kind and gentle to others, doing just random nice things for people when she gets the chance. If she is angered however, don't expect her to let you go so easily. In fact, you'll be lucky to go without being frozen by her.
Unlike all her jewelry would get you to believe, she actually doesn't care about shiny stuff and jewels. She just thinks it looks good, so she wears it.
Like her brothers, she is a a fighter, and loves to be challenged to a fight. Other things she loves are chocolate, ice cream, cold places, and anything related to water. She fears fire and is quite claustrophobic. She also hates humans, believing they are more imperfect then normal Mobians. She is pessimistic for Mobius's future because of humans, and would only go out of her way to take someone out if they were human. In fact, she has a major prejudice toward anything human, pretty much racist against the entirety of humans in existence. There is not one human that she has met so far that she likes. This is major hatred, and the one thing that can anger her by just looking at it.
She has quite a sense of humor, and is very creative. She made a place to live, a castle, and a weapon, the Ice Staff, entirely out of ice. She also loves to sing and dance, but she is a terrible dancer and doesn't realize it. She is quite smart, after living at a university for about 15 years you should expect this. It has helped her in not getting herself into stupid situations like Pyro and Pravus, and she doesn't let her anger and insecurities guide her like Joshua. She's a good girl with anger issues that she tries to control through helping others, fighting others, and her persecution of humanity for that one thing that happened at the university.


Belen "Crya" Winchester was born on December 9, 1996, the same date as her mother's birthday. While Luna, Tiamat, and Crya's older brother Electro were asleep, her grandfather sold her to a friend of his. This friend then left Westopolis to go to Spagonia, and more specifically the Spagonia University. This man left Crya here, where she lived most of her life, learning as much as she could. At the age of 12, she fell into a year long sleep, which no one could find the cause of. Some believed that this sleep was caused by Luna's supposed death, the fact that Luna and Crya was born on the same day was strange enough, the people who thought that Crya fell asleep because of Luna's sudden death believed that she would never wake up, and so they put her in a glass coffin, for people to see her beauty while she sleeps...
While asleep, she dreamed of Holoska, cold areas, snow, and ice. She woke up with knowledge of her powers. When she woke up, she was in the glass coffin in the middle of a room, where a party was being held. A strange way to hold a party, having a presumably dead body in the middle of a room while all this was going on. It was once again questionable how she survived for a year without food or water. Many people actually began thinking it was magic, and these were mainly the humans that had just came to the university. She freaked out, and was released from her glass prison. She left immediately after being released, acting strange, though I bet alot of people would be freaking out if they woke up in a glass container. A year of living later, knowing her powers would bother some people, she held back as much as she could, controlling her powers. Around this time people who came to the University were beginning to realize something strange was going on, and they were going to find out why.
A year later, she accidentally shows her powers off in front of a random group of people, and many people are definetly bothered. She is forced out of the University to keep the people safe, since they knew she couldn't control her powers. She leaves Hrasia in general and goes to Holoska, hoping to never return to Spagonia. After so much running, she finds a place to build a place to live. She makes the ice castle and an Ice Staff(for extra protection) with ease. After holding back for 2 years without using her powers it was refreshing to just let go and see what she could do.
People, specifically humans, made rumors about Crya, making up stories about a dangerous witch in Holoska. Many people went out to challenge her, and for each challenger there is a new frozen statue in her castle, and it was only when she was 17 that she learned why they attacked her. They thought she was a monster, an evil freak. She understood that years ago, she could not control her powers, but humans made up reasons to attempt to defeat or kill her, making her into a witch in the eyes of man. She lives at Holaska, and after learning to control her powers, her hatred of humanity grows because of these rumors.


Race Against Time

(Information will be added when available)


(Information will be added when available)



Crya can freeze water within 3 yards of her with her mind. She can freeze people, but they have to be within 9 feet of her, and it only makes the opponent frozen for one post. If she plans to freeze something, a barely visible blue light moves toward the opponent that is to be frozen, meaning it's also possible to dodge. The blue light moves at 1 MPH and is very cold.
Crya can create snow with her mind, as an ice version of flamethrower except it's from her hands. As long as their is moisture in the air, she can make shoot snow from with her mind. She can also move snow with her mind, creating large snow balls and small structures using snow.


Like a fireball, except if it hits something it can freeze it. Only one ball per post, and it can only be 5 inches diameter. The ice ball is so cold that upon it touching a small animal that small animal will freeze in a block of ice for 1 turn. The ice ball will only last for 2 turns without hitting anything, or else it just falls apart. Touching a wall will destroy the ice ball as well. The ice ball moves at 5 MPH, and since it doesn't home on enemies it is only as accurate as Crya is, who we have to remember has lived a year of her life asleep.


With 1 Chaos Emerald, Crya can make a blizzard appear and freeze a certain area. With each emerald she gets, the blizzard becomes worse and worse as the blizzard winds become faster and faster(5 MPH for each emerald, starting at 35 MPH), and it becomes colder and colder(starting at -12 C, it decreases by 5 degrees for each emerald). With 6 emeralds, the winds will be going at 65 MPH while it is -42 C, creating a terrible blizzard. At first it starts out cold, but it's still dangerous. However, as she gets more emeralds, the storm becomes stronger and colder, making her opponents more likely to be effected by the blizzard.


She can manipulate and generate ice with her mind, which is how she made he ice castle and her bow, and is how her bow can be summoned. She can change and control the shape of ice, as well as move ice with her mind. She has no control over water unless she freezes it first, and the generation of ice can only come from a source, meaning once again, she can only make ice if there is moisture in the air.

Ice Melee

Crya can freeze her own hands and feet to use ice with her attacks, making her kicks and punches cut an opponent, or just cause more pain to said opponent.

Ice Slide

When running, ice can appear under her feet, and she begins skating on it. It appears where ever she steps and the trail that she leaves behind her melts 1 post after it's created. She uses this ability by running. The faster she goes on the ice, the faster the ice is made, so she can't really outrun her ice. Her speed increases when running on the ice by 5 miles per hour for each post she runs. Normal speed for her is 10 MPH, meaning to reach maximum speed(which ranges from 60 to 90 miles per hour), it would take 10-16 posts of running, a very unrealistic time to run making her overall increase in speed when using this ability only about 10 MPH(making her go 20 MPH, which would take 1 post to do) if you are thinking about it realistically. Meanwhile, she can run and not have ice appear under her as long as there is not much moisture in the air. That's a running theme with her powers, needing some kind of source to use them with.

Theme Songs

Her theme song is "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel, the same song that the character who inspired the creation of Crya sings in the movie Frozen. 

Let It Go - Idina Menzel (from Frozen) Full Song

Let It Go - Idina Menzel (from Frozen) Full Song


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