Beelze the Wicked is a 1/3 Ziz, 1/3 Leviathon, 1/3 Behemoth child of Tao the Behemoth and Vile the Leviathon. He is the most powerful and oldest child of the two, and the most chaotic and evil.


Early History

Beelze was the firstborn to Tao and Vile. He was born on Halloween during a vicious storm. When he was born, a dark mist befalled the village and it killed 99 children, 20 adults, and 35 babies. A chaotic tornado rushed out of him during his first cry of life. Smoke poured from his nose, his eyes burned with fury. Fortunately, this wicked evil died within thirteen minutes.


During the Wicked arc of the Loki Chronicles, he is still dead inside a cave. His siblings usually cry out his name as a battle cry and as final words, sometimes even as a curse. After the final death of Tao and Vile, they each cry out his name, as the souls of the other children do.

This summons his life force back. Loki and the others must search for his body before it completely regains full power. Sadly, they are to late and find him at the peak of his ability. He isn't perfect yet, but is still much more powerful than anyone before him.


They attempt to kill him using whatever they have, only to fail horribly. Susano suggests to combine and use the powers of Khaos. Loki and Ammy are hesitant, but finally agree. They merge and do battle once again. It realizes Beelze has to much power still. Mitos suggests possibly amplifying it with a possible Malefic Khaos.

Khaos agrees that it is crazy, but might work. Luckily, it does and they become enfueled with so much power, it nearly drives them insane. But, with their gole in mind, Khaos kills Beelze after a long battle. He body is ripped to shreds and is hidden in various parts of Mobius. His soul was split up and put into prisons. They anihlate his hearts and revert to normal. Beelze is dead.


It is very muscular. It has thirteen wings and blood red skin. Each wing is deep purple-red and is reptillion and demonic looking. His eyes are a sinister, deep black with a small red slit for the pupil. His teeth are sharp and red-yellow, it has thirteen sets of teeth. It has four arms, each with four claws for hands, no fingers. His claws are stained with blood and are purple. He is scaly and reptillion. He stands upright and has nine tails, each one is black and red. He has spikes coming from various areas of his body. His ears a small and pointy, each with two earings with skulls and stars. He stands extremely tall. His shoulders are typically squared, and he walkes as is it her an emperor.


  • He has full power over earth, water, and sky.
  • He has power over the four classical elements.
  • He can produce a poisonus gas that kills instantly.


  • His name comes from Beelzebub, one of the seven princes of hell in Jewish writings.
  • His species comes from the two chaos monsters mentioned in the book of Job in the Bible, and three species in Jewish writings.
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