Becky Archive is the main protagonist of the Funky Town series.  She's a 15-year old, fuchsia, anthropomorphic half-hedgehog half-dragon creature typically called a skyhog, and is free with the wind and greatly caring about her friends, family, and her people.  As her species name suggests, Becky uses her bat-like wings for flight and creating powerful gusts of wind, manifests her aura as magic in the form of pink/magenta balls of energy on her hands, breathes purple fire breath, and houses the ability to turn her jewelry into weapons.

She is best known for being the leader and lead singer of the Funky Town Gang as well as the current Mystic Being of Love. She has a tomboyish attitude, caring heart, and a great love of music.  She has a strong sence of justice for anyone in need, and uses her powers as an advantage when fighting her enemies. 

As she is a Skyhog, her Dragon mentor is Maka Xavier Ul Laputa, the Guardian of the Skies and King of Laputa, and shares the title "Daughter by Fire" with her sister Rickie Readsta.


Teen Years

Becky has fuchsia fur, green eyes, and peach arms and muzzle. She also has long, dark brown hair that she keeps untied, and though it's length is usually down to her tail, she had it cut to her shoulder blades in Book 3. Her most recognizable trait is her golden and purple bat-like wings that fold into a golden heart on her back. She has an hourglass shape for her body, is barrel-chested with a wide rib cage, and has wide hips.

She wears different outfits, but her most famous attire consists of a blue denim jacket over a purple crop top with an aqua heart, and blue skinny jeans. Her shoes were originally pink shoes with a blue stripe in the middle and green socks, but nowadays, she's mainsly seen wearing purple converse All-Star shoes.

She sports different jewelry that turns into weapons; her most used are a ring that turns into the Dragon Katana, two golden bracelets that turn into Tiger Claws, and green peridot earrings that turn into Snake-Eye Orbitars.

She has two different Sonic Riders outfits depending on the franchise. In the Funky Town Series, she wears an aqua-colored crop top with a yellow lightning bolt shooting into a black heart, an indigo/violet swallow-tailed coat, blue jeans, black fingerless gloves, golden bracelets, purple boots with a white stripe in the middle running up with yellow toes, blue socks, and green spots on either side on the front, and aqua sunglasses.

In the SoniGals franchise, her Riders attire looks closest to her signature attire, but has blue boots and aqua sunglasses.

As a Child

As a child, Becky maintains her dark hair and pink fur, but her first set of wings resembled butterfly wings and were black, yellow, and blue, and she kept her hair in pigtails with yellow hair elastics. Her eyes were also black. Her attire for her years in the jungle of Adabat consisted of a green tube top and skirt, earrings made of topaz, and brown sandals.


Becky's entire personality reflect on the fact that she is the current Mystic Being of Love.

While Becky's specie makes her a Daughter of the Dragon, she is generally described as 'Music-loving Tomboy with a strong sense of justice.' Becky is very benevolent, and a headstrong leader of the Funky Town Gang. She has a great deal of compassion, kindness, pity, and will not hesitate to make sure if someone is alright or if they need help. The measures of Becky's kindness are only equaled by her courage and her refusal to let evil get away. She personally believes that justice is the best path to live by, and she fights for it in hopes of restoring Gaia's original beauty. As such, she takes responsibility in her heroic duties seriously.

While she may have a strong grip on heroics, she still has the likes of a typical teenager, such as shopping, cooking, and music, but has a great deal of mental maturity. She does tends to be tomboyish, and can be extremely competitive when it comes to games. She can be shy around strangers, and insecure when it comes to sticky situations.

Despite being a teenager, she doesn't display any form of obnoxiousness or vanity. Instead, she is actually very polite and friendly, and is humble and respectful to elderly people, and to nobles.

As she has a natural fear of how people think of her, she never forgets her proper manners and how to behave around certain people. Due to how the Mobians and Overlanders alike have treated her in Alreenie when she was a child, she has a deep and strong hatred towards them. However, she only exhibits distrust towards humans and Mobians outside of Alreenie, and follows a personal belief that only those who deserve to be punished will be punished. This gives her a black-and-white view of good and evil, humanity and Overlanders, Mobians and Gaians, and almost everything. She also finds herself most comfortable in quiet places that are not too crowded, as she finds herself uncomfortable and overwhelmed in places stuffed with people and overfilled with noise.

There are times when Becky finds herself in self doubt about her capabilities, the loyalty of the people, weather the Maka does care about her or if the Laputan dragons consider her as one of their own, as well as if she was destined to destroy Mobious.

She even exhibits behaviors associated with wild animals because she spent her childhood in Adabat, and that she is, in fact, a dragon hybrid. These behaviors are specifically climbing trees, behaving aggressively, and shouting to imitate a dragon's roar. There are often times when she is mistaken for a gargoyle due to these behaviors, which she finds hilarious. At times, she tends to be stubborn about her enemies or when people goof about.

She even has a strong sense of humor and reason, and would not hesitate to state her mind. Often she will let out little words of a distictive jibberish; the most famous words include "Jawawa!" "Igeya!" or "Kyu". She also exhibits a habit of emitting a squeak-like sound at times.

However, she can be extremely sensitive to how people treat her. She lives by the rule "Love thy Enemy", explaining how she doesn't see comical villians as a true threat, because they often don't display true hatred. She exhibits a deep and strong hatred towards the Overlanders and Mobians of Alreenie because of how the Overlanders treated her people and her as a child. She can be temperamental and when angered, transforms into her Black Ideya Forme when she is extremely mad.

She has a deep and strong hatred towards bullying, oppression, cruelty, and bigotry. She made it her life long goal to bring good when there is evil that will be a huge burden for that world, giving her a great sense of justice.

Her music type is Pop and Rock, meaning that she loves those kinds of music, and will often listen to them. As she is also a performer, she is a very skilled singer and dancer, but specifically performs when she is on stage or in a studio.


Early Days

Becky was born Princess Rebecca Elizabeth Archive Readsta to Queen Maureen Archive Readsta and Prince Sumac Reasta on Corazon Island, Kiemocule, along with her brother Oddis Readsta, and her twin sister Rickie Readsta.  However, she was born during a conflict between Gaia Kurisutaru and the Furies, monsters born from the sins of the world.  When she was one year old, children of royal blood were taken away from their homes and forced into different countries.  Rickie and Oddis were included, and when Sumac tried to save his children, he vanished with them.  Distraught, the Queen decided to cast Corazon Island into the sea so she will look for her husband and children, taking Becky with her.

Rise of the Wild Girl

Becky as a child

The family settled in a farming community in Adabat. It was there she went to school where she learned how to read & write, and count.  Meanwhile, two butterfly-like wings grew out of her back, revealing that she was originally an Alatus; a fairy-like Child of the Forest distinguishable by having butterfly or dragonfly wings. Whenever she was on break or on the weekend, she would play in the jungle from dawn until dusk.  She made friends with the wild animals, and learned how to speak to them.

Sumac Readsta was now a traditional Native Gaian Hunter, while Maureen was a school teacher.  Sumac took Becky under his wing and taught her how to hunt, and fight.  He also taught her to respect nature, and how all living things work together to keep balance in the world.

And than one day, Sumac Readsta called Becky from deep in the jungle to save it from Agrodon, Mystic Being of Destruction. Agrodon began to send natural disasters and trapping animals across the jungle, threatening to attack the farming community as well. With nothing but her courage and determination, Becky defeated Agrodon and saved the jungle.

Over the next three years, Becky used all she learned in helping her people and the farming community.  She also developed a habit of patrolling at night for monsters or intruders. Her love of nature, great compassion for others, playing with the wild animals, competitive nature, and fearless reputation gave her the nickname "Becky the Wildgirl".

Years in Alreenie, Mobius

However, when she was eight years old, the farming community was under investigation, and the people were forced to leave.  A Mobian GUN soldier convinced Maureen to move with her family to Mobious in order to escape from a possible attack from a Mobian country. Maureen agreed, but Becky and the rest of the family refused. The village was then attacked by soldiers from Alreenie, a Mobian enemy country. Maureen and Becky were taken and forced into a spaceship set for Mobious. Becky tried to escape, but was hit in the head, causing her to pass out. Before being knocked out, she heard a gunshot from the jungle, causing both her and Maureen to believe that Sumac was killed. Rickie and Oddis were not seen since that night. The family was separated.

Life on Mobius was not happy for Becky.  She lived in the city of Angelheim on the border of the Overlander territory, and attended a boarding school. She knew deep down that she didn't like it.  The uniform she was required to wear included leather shoes that blistered her feet.   A back harness was placed on her to keep her from flying. When she attended class, everyone, Mobian and Overlander alike, stared at her, for they knew that she was Gaian. The girls would constantly tease her, people she tried to make friends with rejected her, and the big guys physically bullied her. The teachers frowned on her, and used different forms of punishment on her if she disobeyed.  For once in her life, Becky felt very alone.

The Stripping of her first Wings

One day when she was nine, Becky decided run away from the boarding school she was attending in hopes of returning to Gaia somehow. Traveling across the vast woods of Alreenie, she soon became tired and climbed a tree to sleep for the night. However, that tree was a trap.  Tall men caught her, and forced her into a cage! Becky tried to escape, but they took her away to a genetics laboratory! Becky tried with all her might to escape, but they forced her into an operating room WITHOUT anesthesia! They strapped Becky face down on a table, and used basic tools to amputate Becky's butterfly-like wings off.  Becky screamed at the top of her lungs, but they kept cutting, until Becky completely lost her wings.  At that moment, an army of GUN soldiers barged in and stopped the operation! The scientists were arrested for Animal Cruelty, and were horrified by what they saw!

Bleeding heavily, Becky was close to death, until GUN decided to take her into the emergancy room to try to reatatch her wings.  Hours of long operating went by, but when Becky woke up at three in the morning, the doctor gave her horrifying news: They were unable to give her back her wings.  Brokenhearted, Becky let out a high-pitched cry of shame, and loss...

That morning at eight in the morning, Eleo Peregrine, a green eagle, and GUN officer who was there during the raid, explained to her the reason why the GUN soldiers wanted her family to leave.  The Gaians' enemy is the Army of Alreenie, bent on whipping out all of Gaia's original people. If she's going to live again, Eleo has to marry her mother and protect the family.  Reluctant and scared, Becky agreed to accept Eleo as her new father.

Peace in Knothole Villiage

Maureen married Eleo in the courthouse, and adopted three children as their own.  The family moved to Knothole, Mobotropolis, to give some of the true Gaian background back to Becky. Knothole was a peaceful place, and she was adopted into a group of friends.  No one made fun of her, left her out, or even pointed her out as a Gaian; maybe it was because they saw her as a hedgehog, or some of the children there were Gaians themselves. Deep down, Becky knew that she was actually pretending to be happy just to make her parents happy. In truth, she was deeply depressed over the loss of her flight, her father, and her own freedom. She wished to either return to the planet she spent her first years in, or, secretly, to die.

Return To Gaia

When Becky was three month before turning 15 (June 10th), Eleo's adopted Mother, Grandmother Carol the Rabbit was visiting! She offered Becky to spend Summer Vacation on Gaia to celebrate her birthday with her Paternal Grandparents.

Maureen and Eleo agreed to this offer, for they secretly knew that it's time for Becky to go off on her own for the first time.  Maureen secretly hoped that this trip would give her some meaning to living life.

At the airport leading to Gaia, Becky's mother told her to be on her best behavior.  After hugs and kisses, Becky leaves for Gaia on the last flight with Carol.  After the flight, Becky and Carol arrived in Little Town, Togerra late at night at her grandparents' house on a mountain.  The house resembled a large castle, and it had a huge, beautiful garden that grew vegetables and flowers.  There, they met Becky's grandfather, Joseph the Hedgehog.  Upon arrival, she met Conner the Hedgehog, Carol's neighbor.  Conner decides to introduce Becky to his friends tomorrow after she unpacks. Becky soon went inside and went to bed.

The First Few Days

That morning while Joseph was working, Becky and Carol went shopping at the local mall. Carol went off to do something as Becky cought notice of Duane the Hedgehog, a crime-spree hedgehog, with his goons Max, a bulldog, & Knack the Weasel/Fang the sniper bullying a local kid. Becky immediately stepped in to stop them, and after showing off her skills in self Defense, the bullies were stopped and told off by Cooler the Hedgehog- Carol's cool-headed neighbor & Conner's friend.

After that incident, Cooler introduced himself and welcome Becky to join him and his friends for lunch. There, he introduced his friend Funky the Echidna.  The Gang soon got to know eachother, and Becky began to develop a small crush on Cooler.  The guys left for the basketball court, leaving Becky and Honey to hike up the mountain. Honey gave Becky a tour of the town, returning to the basketball court to watch the conclusion on the game.

After the game, the guys wrapped it up and started heading home. Cooler, who happened to take a liking to Becky, decided to take Becky to an Australian Sactuary for animals the next day.  Becky took this offer as a date, and she immediately agreed.  The next day, Cooler and Becky, along with Carol, explored around the Sactuary, and got to know eachother a little more.



Becky's wings give her the ability to fly at great hights whenever she pleases.

She uses a type of magic in the form of glowing pink, magenta, or blue balls of energy that she can toss like discuses, or fire as beams. She can also adapt these attacks by covering them with water to adapt them into water attacks. She knows a wide range of spells for helping or hindering.

As she is half-Dragon, she is capable of breathing fire, but only when she's under stress. In contrast, when she's in a calm mood, most often during meditation, she can grow plants.

Finally, Becky is also able to summon huge gusts of wind by furiously flapping her wings.

Her most powerful Attack is Dragon Pulse, and she only resorts to this Attack when she needs it most. Not only is this Attack powerful, but it requires a great amount of energy from Becky, so after its used, she's left weak and exhausted.

When she's not using magic for combat, Becky turns her jewelry into weapons by using her magic. Her favorite weapons consist of a ring that turns into a katana named Ryū no hi (literally meaning "Dragon Fire"), golden bracelets that turn into Tiger Claws, and green earrings that turn into snake-eye orbiters.

Special Abilities

Among these powers, she posesses the ability to 'sense' the presence of a nearby person or animal by their aura or emotions. She is also able to 'read' people's emotions to help her identify with them. These psychedelic powers allow her to realize where someone or something is from a distance.

When it comes to languages, she can speak English, German, Spanish, her Native Gaian Language, and is learning Japanese.


Archangel Aphrodite

Archangel Aphrodite is Becky's most powerful transformation and Mystic State. Triggered by a great sense of power within her heart and when her mind combines with her God's power, she comes to life as a powerful angel. As she is Mystic Being of Love, she is named after the Greek Goddess of Love Aphrodite, but her personality is based on the Archangel Michael.

Leonessa Kasai

Becky's Super Fire/Winged Lioness transformation first introduced in Funky Town Rocketeers. The transformation was given to Becky when she is given one of Leo's stars, granting her the power to travel the cosmos as a blazing winged Lioness, and is activated when Becky taps her chest twice. In this transformation, she uses fire-based using sharp claws for meelee combat, allowing her to burn through wood and ice, and keeps the power of flight. She also gains keen sense of eyesight, smell, and hearing, and enhanced flexibility and speed. As a consequence of being a fire-based transformation, her main weakness has become water, as falling in would immediately deactivate the transformation.

Black Ideya

A dark transformation triggered by extreme rage, Black Ideya Becky releases the darker side of Becky's personality, exploiting her innermost rage, hatred, and sadness. She is adept to using a darker form of magic, green fire breath, and a scythe for close combat.

Dark Queen

When Becky's anger goes over the top, an extreme amount of Hatred, Sadness, and Rage fills her up into the exact opposite of her Superior Transformation: Dark Queen Transformation, Datenshi Akuma. She is now the complete opposite of herself, and uses Darkness and Fire to swear revenge on her most bitter enemies.


When it comes to fighting, she has minor speed, but has grace in flight, high agility, flexibility, acrobatics, martial arts, and magic.

She is also a highly skilled singer, dancer, and actress, therefore she is the perfect performer.


Becky is really sensitive about jokes or insults directed at her, and as such, her main weakness is any true hatred directed right at her. Due to the way the Overlanders treated her, she has a natural fear of Mobians in general, human or not.

She also has a deep fear of being yelled at, leaving her cowering and filled with shame.

Strong winds blow her off course and tend to make her lose control of her flight. This is due to the fact that while airborn, she gets really light.

One other characteristic she has is a strange case of Arachnophobia. Whenever she sees or is near a spider, she gets uneasy to the point of slapping herself to make sure one isn't on her. If the spider should move with her seeing it, she gets overwhelmed and screams.

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