Becky Husky
Name Becky the Husky
Nickname Bec
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Mobian/Siberian Husky
Height 117 cm
Weight Secret
DOB 4 February
Birthplace Iteos Isle
Occupation Jewellery maker (part-time)
Speed, Strength, Fly Speed
Top Speed 180 mph
Known Relatives Mother, sister, father (deceased)
Likes Running, making jewellery, going to the mall, music, history, astronomy, laser tag, snowboarding, video games, dancing 
Dislikes Ice, not having fingernails to paint, snowball fights, maths, sweet food (even chocolate), people treating her like an Earth dog
Favourite Food Green capsicum
Favourite Drink Frappe Latte
Favourite Band Muse
Favourite Colour Yellow

Becky is a 15 year old anthropomorphic Husky (although I might change her design a bit to look more like an actual husky). she has never left her birthtown, Iteos Isle, due to her fear of the ice that surrounds it. Her two best friends are Tally the Mouse and Flare the Phoenix, who are always there for her.


Becky the Husky is one who likes to be the centre of attention, although not in a mean way, more like a people-asking-for-her-advice kind of way. People at her school are constantly asking her to make them new jewellery, a hobby she started with her mum that turned into a small business.

She is admired by her teachers for her high intelligence, and has a deep fasination with studying history and astronomy, Becky can spend hours talking about how Mobius came to be, or the phases a star goes through in its lifetime. Only her two best friends Tally the Mouse and Flare the Phoenix can stand listening to her talk about it.

Unlike Tally and Flare, she is more of a 'girly-girl', and hates anything messing up her hair or outfit. But she does have a tomboyish side when it comes to sports or video games. Her favourite is snowboarding, and thanks to her speed, Becky is one to be feared at the slopes. She will happily run anywhere on Iteos Isle, except for the ice bordering it.

Becky can get scared and upset easily, and when she was younger, would start crying whenever the slightest negative thing happened to her. Now at 15, she's braver, she still gets spooked easier than others, and will run away at top speed. She is also never one to start a fight, but when challenged, will battle with all her strength (unless she's up against a scary foe).

Attack Styles

Becky goes for the direct approach when it comes to fighting. She will run up and ram her foe with a spin attack, using all her strength and speed. Becky prefers to be the 'final blow' or 'secret weapon' in a battle, so her foe is exhausted when she's at her best.

Her defence is about average, but thanks to her very good agility, so would rather dodge an attack. She's terrible at long-range attacks, so being able to dodge most physical attacks suits her fine. She also hates attacking using weak, simple attack, her foes discover that she's better at powerful ones that use up a lot of energy, so you wont see her in a fight until the near-end of it, when Tally and/or Flare has nearly worn them out.


Her super speed
Her sharp sense of smell Spin attack (when she rolls into a ball at top speed)


Being one of the fastest people her age on Iteos Isle, her beautiful jewellery making and encyclopedic knowledge of history and astronomy (thanks to her photographic memory).


Becky's most noticeable weakness is her bravery, she gets frightened and upset easily. The thing that scares her the most is falling through the ice and drowning, she will never go anywhere near the ice, only snow. She wont even go over ice in a flying vehicle, so she has never left Iteos Isle in her life. Her friends are trying to help her conquer her fear, however.

She also finds it difficult to face a foe on her own, only because her attacks use up most of her energy in one go or in case she gets too frightened (that rarely happens).

Friends, Rivals and Enemies


Tally the Mouse (best friend)
Flare the Phoenix (best friend)

Alex the Rabbit (close friend)


Tally the Mouse (friendly rival)
Flare the Phoenix (friendly rival)
Monique the Wolf

Forran the Wolf


Daze the Snow Leopard

Aletta the Penguin

Theme Songs

Live and Learn Remix - Crush 40 nbsp; (credits to Chembur on that idea)

Starlight - Muse

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