Minerva Proudclaw is the older sister of the Ringmaster. Despite the Ringmaster lineage traditionally choosing the oldest child to be the Ringmaster, Minerva was passed over for her brother. After obtaining a mysterious alien Mask that gave her a variety of powers, the newly dubbed Beautyface is seeking to claim what should be rightfully hers.


Difficulty: Hard

Health: 1000

Playstyle: Zoning, Pressure

Beautyface’s playstyle revolves around her gas clouds, putting the enemy into favourable positions for her and quickly moving over to them to use her above-averagely damaging normals. However, bad placement can lead to her getting destroyed due to her low health and most of her normals are unsafe on block, meaning players have to be patient with her.

Beautyface’s Throttles both cater to different playstyle. Throttle 1 allows for a more mixup and movement orientated playstyle while Throttle 2 allows for greater space control, giving more chances for Beautyface to get in.

Special Moves

Bolded moves were added in Complete.

Move Name Input Type Description
Vine Strike DC Up.png+DC 1 button.PNG/DC 2 button.PNG/DC 3 button.PNG Command Normal Beautyface lashes out with a vine that has low damage but huge knockback. DC 1 button.PNG hits low, DC 2 button.PNG hits mid and DC 3 button.PNG hits overhead. Primarily for giving Beautyface more space to attack and set up her gas clouds.
Slowing Gas IMG 0408.PNG+DC 1 button.PNG Special Beautyface creates a blue gas cloud that considerably slows the opponent and their attacks if they enter it. OK in air.
Toxic Gas IMG 0408.PNG+DC 2 button.PNG Special Beautyface creates a cloud of green gas that damages the opponent overtime if they are within its range. OK in air.
Vine Grapple IMG 0408.PNG+DC 3 button.PNG+Directional Input Special A long range blockable command grab. Beautyface creates a vine and stabs it forward. If it hits, Beautyface will pull the opponent towards her, bite them in the neck and hurl them away. If the attack hits the wall, Beautyface can either press DC 1 button.PNG to disable the attack or press DC 2 button.PNG to pull herself over to the wall. Can be angled in various directions. Beautyface’s main method of dealing damage without going full-offensive and also a combo ender. OK in air
Vine Barrage IMG 0408.PNG+DC 4 button.PNG Special Vines come out of Beautyface’s back and rapidly stab the opponent. Beautyface’s main combo extender and close-range pressure tool. OK in air.
Ground Vine DC QCB.PNG+DC 1 button.PNG + DC Back.PNG/DC Forward.PNG/DC Down.PNG on the ground Special Beautyface stabs a vine into the ground that stabs out of the ground a certain distance away. DC Forward.PNG is far, DC Down.PNG is medium distance and DC Back.PNG is close.
Vine Circle DC QCB.PNG+DC 1 button.PNG in the air. Special Beautyface stabs out multiple vines in a circle around her.
Stunning Cloud DC HCF.PNG+DC 1 button.PNG+DC 2 button.PNG Super Beautyface creates a pink cloud that stuns the opponent if they enter it. This cloud dissipates once an opponent enters it. Can be used mid combo as an extension.
Painful Experience DC HCF.PNG+DC 3 button.PNG+DC 4 button.PNG Super An unblockable command grab that reaches full screen. Beautyface fires a long vine from her wrist. If it hits an opponent, more vines extend from the vine and stabs the opponent rapidly, dealing damage, before the vine lets go.
Overpowered Mask DC 1 button.PNG+DC 2 button.PNG+DC 3 button.PNG+DC 4 button.PNG Finishing Strike Beautyface stabs forward with one of her vines. She then enters her Overpowered Mask form, with the vine she stabbed the opponent with becoming part of the massive monster’s palm. She then smashed them into the ground, pummels them, and then absorbs them into the mass of vines.
Gas Warp DC 1 button.PNG+DC 2 button.PNG while throttle 1 is active. Special Beautyface teleports to the newest gas cloud.


Throttle 1: Adds Gas Warp

Throttle 2: Gas Clouds are larger.



Insane laughter

“Come now, let me kill you.”

“Be intoxicated.”

“I'd rather you stay in line” (Vs. Thundereye)

“Disaster Club is mine, brother. MINE! GIVE IT TO ME!” (Vs. Ringmaster)

“Do not get in my way, child!” (Vs. Dean)

“A Guardian? How?” (Vs. Vendeta)

“Is this...the Mask?” (Vs. Beautyface, first)

In Infinite’s voice. I am so much more powerful than that parasite.” (Vs. Beautyface, second)

"So now the true heroes challenge me...HAHAHAHA!" (Vs. Omega, Shadow and Blaze)

"Your mind is one I don't wish to enter..." (Vs. Bazenhower)

"How did you survive? HOW?" (Vs. King or Tel-Eth)



“Your suffering will feed me”

“Oh, I am enjoying this…”

“And you are leading the charge, yes?” (Vs. Thundereye)

“Improve your performance.” (Vs. Dean)

“I AM THE RINGMASTER!” (Vs. Ringmaster)


“Ah, this power...it’s so much fun. I don’t care if it will poison my mind, I’m never going to let this power go.”

“To think I hired an army to fight your kind...how pathetic! I could destroy you all myself.” (Perfect win)

"I hired you in order to win a war for me. If you can barely defeat me, how do you think you can beat Ringmaster?" (Vs. Thundereye or Dean)


“The Guardians have fallen so far from grace, haven’t they? To think that you are the only one left...you must have survived on luck alone. Wait...what are you doing?” (Vs. Vendeta)

"It's impossible. You can't have survived the war...you can't...Nethilis is gone!" (Vs. King)

"I heard you were exiled. Did the time alone drive you insane? The insanity has only made me stronger, but it's just made you a mockery of your past self." (Vs. Tel-Eth)


“I’m enjoying this.” (Escaping a combo)

“YOU’RE MINE NOW!” (Activating Overclock)

“Pathetic host.” (Defeated)

“I...am...perfect.” (Going up a rank in online)

“I will not be humiliated again.” (Going down a rank in online)

Arcade Mode

Good Ending

Beautyface fights Ringmaster as the final boss.

“The Mask Parasites tried to send their own agent to kill me, but even he wasn’t strong enough to kill me. I destroyed her and continued my mission to kill Ringmaster. I succeeded, leaving my brother as a withered corpse. I am the Ringmaster now, leading Disaster Club under my vision: superiority over all of Westopolis, and soon the United Federation itself.”

Bad Ending

Beautyface fights Beautyface as the final boss.

“I was more than confused when I fought myself in her Overpowered form. It was only then that I realised it was the fugitive Infinite, who was after my Mask. I defeated him, but not he’s hounding me across the globe. Everywhere I look, he’s there, and I can never tell if it’s real or a dream. Why hasn’t he taken the Mask yet? WHY WON’T HE LET ME GO?”


  • Completing arcade mode once with Beuatyface unlocks Sonic Boom for the jukebox.
  • Completing arcade mode twice with Beuatyface unlocks Last Stand as a regularly selectable stage.


Ballet of Death(Normal battle theme)

Cross Thought(Vs. Ringmaster)

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