Beauty Javelin

The Beauty Javelin

The Beauty Javelin is Christina's weapon of choice in combat. She has used it ever since she was twelve years old and uses it as a last resort.


The Beauty Javelin was originally just an ordinary red javelin. However, with the help of Kester, it was revised and modified to become a staff-like weapon, trimming the size and making it more durable, while still retaining its natural flexibility. It was modified to attack and defend in combat, like a baseball bat. It about three feet tall. On it, are two straps of pink ribbon somewhere near the top. On the bottom are white bandages.



Under Major Revision

Javelin Throw

Christina may sometimes use her javelin for the javelin throw competition in either the olympics or a special event or occassion. She throws her javelin really far ever since she was around 6.  Her throw ranges from 68 to 107 meters.

Pole Vault

Sometimes, Christina might use her javelin to pole vault. She just runs with it and puts her javelin on the ground. Though she does have to push really hard because her javelin isn't that long.


She twirls it in her fingers and throws it up to catch it as if it were a real baton in a parade.


Christina could also spin her javelin rapidly to make it like a shield. She uses this to defend herself from getting hurt. She does this usually when fighting evil.


She could sometimes use it as a baseball bat for baseball, though it takes lots of strength to hit a ball from one end to another.


Her javelin can also be used as a sword. She uses this to attack when her attacks are running low and sometimes in fencing matches as well.

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