BearfootTruck's Universe is the setting for all fanfics created by BearfootTruck, including the ASMW series.


The fanfics take place on a planet called Mobius, albeit somewhat different from the official Sonicverse. First of all, there are different countries on this planet, some with different names from their official counterparts. Furthermore, there is also a country called Mobius. Not only does this universe contain elements from the games, it also contains a few elements from the various TV shows & the Archie comic series. There is also an undercurrent of 70's flavor in this universe.



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Kingdom of Mobius

Roseinian Empire

Federal Republic of Columbia










  • Strangely, TV shows, movies, music & video games from the real world make appearances in this universe. No one really knows what sort of sorcery is responsible for this
  • In this universe, it's common for characters to take on a "legal name" in addition to their common name, mainly for distinguishing themselves from other individuals with the same name. For example, Sonic's "legal name" is Sonic Maurice Ogilvie. Two exceptions are Knuckles & Shadow. Knuckles didn't bother because he's the last Echidna (well, as far as he knows), and Shadow didn't bother because he's the Ultimate Life Form, and according to him, "other people are unworthy to have my name!"
  • Many stories include a combination of the numbers 6, 23 & 91 somewhere in the story. This is a reference to the US release date for the original Sonic the Hedgehog: June 23, 1991. Occasionally, there are also combinations of the numbers 11, 24 & 92; referring to the release date of Sonic 2.
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