Bazba Cormac

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Power Hedgehog
  • Fur: Platinum, w/ tan skin
  • Eyes: Pink
  • Yellow sleeveless shirt
  • Navy blue cargo pants
  • Gold wristbands
  • Tan leather belt
  • Gold necklace
  • Gold band on right arm
  • Tan leather sandals
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Advanced combat - hand-to-hand, swords
  • Possesses the genetic ability Submerge
  • Omnikinesis
  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • Flight
  • Heightened Reflexes
  • Psychic powers
  • Chaos powers
  • Skilled at swimming
  • Powerful illusion-based techniques
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212
Bazba Cormac is a Power Hedgehog from an exiled family who now dwells in the Pyranic Empire, where he serves as a sailor.


As with most Power Hedgehogs, Bazba has a bulky build and easily defined musculature, a factor that clearly defines the not-quite-Mobian nature of the race. As an member of the Cormac Family, exiled from Sky City for their proposal of a number of slave reforms, Bazba has platinum fur and sharp pink eyes.


As a Pyranic Imperial Navy general-purpose sailor, Bazba wears the standard uniform of a yellow sleeveless shirt, navy blue pants and tan sandals. This uniform is often described as minimalist, but it is also how the fleet has set itself up, considering that the Pyranic Empire has only a very small section of coastline to launch ships from. Typically, the sailor adds in a gold necklace, wristbands and armband from his family, with the armband around his right bicep, and a tan leather belt.


Early Life

Bazba was born to the Cormac family, and from the start it was clear that he was no ordinary child. Like most Power Hedgehog children, he developed mentally incredibly quickly, a trait that disturbed quite a few Mobians upon meeting a fluently speaking eighteen-month-old. As with the rest of his family, he naturally took to the creation of illusions, the family skill. Indeed, as a toddler he was capable of creating hologram-like illusions capable of being seen by multiple people. Not too far behind was the first of his ability types - Nature and Fire, although his parents knew from the start he would be an omnikinetic due to his species.


Bazba grew up in a port city, as his parents always loved the ocean - it suited the family's genetic ability, Submerge, and the beauty of the sea was always an attractive trait. With this, his schooling proved that he was level-headed and honourable, traits others found hard to believe due to his "crazy" family. However, like most other members of his family, the young man heard the call of the ocean, and as soon as he turned sixteen he signed up for the navy, with his father's lessons in swordplay and elemental combat the background he needed to make a name for himself in training as a sailor.

Path to War

An enlisted sailor after four years training, the young Power Hedgehog was assigned to a newly-commissioned Pythia-class Destroyer, the Pyranic Imperial Navy Xalbator, named after the admiral Adelera Xalbator. His role was simple - he was chosen to serve as a shipboard guard and a reserve gunner for one of the anti-air batteries, a role that confused the young man. While he had some nationalist tendencies, he had never considered the Empire greater than anywhere else, nor had he heard any of the mutterings higher up the command chain of a multi-front attack. To suit this, the ship would often run through drills against enemy vessels and aircraft, a task the Power Hedgehog would perform as if it was the real deal. Even so, the regular patrols on such a massive ship often made no sense to the sailor. That is, not for another three years. Then, the attack became reality.

Accompanied by a small fleet, the Xalbator was the flagship of a maritime assault on a reasonably large island whose government was connected distantly to Soleanna and it's power. During the attack, retaliating soldiers managed to get on board the ship, forcing Bazba to strike them down with his Rain Sword and omnikinetic powers. At first, he felt that this was a strange but not unexpected move, as Soleanna had never been accepting of the Pyranic Empire. However, when it was revealed that the attack had occurred simultaneously with an assault on the Terran League, the young hedgehog began to question why, but not his place as a sailor furthering his country.


As a member of the Cormac Family, Bazba possesses the family genetic ability - Submerge. When surrounded by water, his physical strength skyrockets, especially if he actually submerges himself in water, as the name suggests. In addition, he also possesses the family skill in illusions, which the art at such a level that he can create multi-person illusions, like holograms. This is a great skill to have, as he can essentially remove himself from vision by generating an illusion in the minds of the observer. However, he lacks the power to generate a hologram large enough to hid the Xalbator, although when he is in water it can work, but only for a short time.

In addition to the genetic abilities, Bazba carries a Rain Sword, a blade imbued with the power of water, as his only weapon. This allows him to essentially use the blade at range by channeling his own Water strength into the blade, extending the water coating it forms into a whip-like form, manipulated from the hilt. He is also a skilled free-form martial artist, trained in the art by his father.

However, despite the water focus of his life, his primary two elements are Nature and Fire, despite being an omnikinetic. This is simply how his body works, although as an omnikinetic this simply signifies that the power of techniques in those elements is stronger.

However, despite his brilliant strengths, Bazba has never passed a fear in his mind of axes, and due to this only seems to defeat axe wielders from range, rarely in a combat form where they can fight back due to his fear.

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  • Power Hedgehog Soul Reapers - After Bazba accidentally mentioned a Power Hedgehog supply point to his superiors, he has been on the Soul Reaper assassination list, although he has managed to defeat the Reapers as they come.


Bazba is a sincere, honest and trustworthy sailor of the Pyranic Imperial Navy. He takes his work very seriously, and is often told by his friends to loosen up. He is calm in even the craziest situations, although he envies his father's relaxed personality. He tends to take things seriously, and has trouble telling if someone is pulling a joke at his expense or telling the truth. However, he often seems to have a very dry sense of humor, and has a habit of shouting at Mark for falling asleep when at ready stations. He is also rather mischievous at times, such as when he convinced Schleim that an Elixer prepared with Octillery ink added makes an incredibly powerful aphrodisiac. Indeed, he has very tight relationships with some of the other sailors on the PIN Xalbador, as well as with his father.

Bazba is level headed and has a knack for doing the right thing. Indeed, Georgi revealed that when the captain of the Xalbador was wounded in battle, she and the majority of the other sailors panicked, while he simply tore up his own shirt to use to staunch the bleeding and keep the captain alive until medics could arrive. He has often admitted that he wished he was more relaxed, like his father, but his father has also revealed that he wished that he had his son's calmness in almost any crisis.




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