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Agate City

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Richfield, Glending

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Edwards family


Founded Confederate Republic of Sugilite


Female baker


The Baxters are an old family whose origins lie in Richfield, Glending[1], but now many branches of the family exist all over Mobius, including the Smallwood-Baxters in Shenton and Lesbrey, the Gilbert-Baxters in Blue Coast, Elsway, and the Edmund-Baxters who helped found Agate City.

Family history

Richfield resident George Baxter married Jean Lewis shortly before the Gemton Civil War, and they had two children, Harriet Jean and Mahthildis Hadriana, who was better known by her middle name. George and Jean were killed during the Civil War, and Harriet, blaming the country's government for her parents' death, protested against the war and the government. Because of this, she and a few other "rebels", including Richard Lockwood, Charles Gaffer-Stewart, Redmond Edwards and Rexham Edmund, were sent away on a ship to Northern Sugilite as a form of exile. Hadriana, regretting not trying to rescue her sister, sailed a ship to Sugilite to find her. Meanwhile, Harriet, with Lockwood and Gaffer-Stewart, had founded the Confederate Republic of Sugilite in order to mock the United Regions of Gemton, and had also married Redmond Edwards. Hadriana eventually found Harriet's son, Granger Edwards, and his wife, Lana Halley, in the Seaview Mountains, and helped them establish the Town and Port of Agate, and was given 10% ownership of the Seaview Agate Mines. Harriet soon visited the city and found Hadriana, whom she was ecstatic to see, and the two lived not far away from each other in Agate. Hadriana eventually married Rexham Edmund and had a son who continued the family name. A distant relative of the Baxter sisters, Georgina Baxter, was named a hero after saving several people during the flooding in Lesbrey, but died while trying to save Honoria Flint. A plaque was erected in her memory at Quaint Road, where she lived.

Important Deeds

Family Crest

The family crest is a "flower compass", representing the fact that the Baxters live all over Mobius. The symbol is put over the front doors of Baxter households, on broaches, and, most commonly, on amulets and jewellery.


The name Baxter is an English surname that was originally a feminine form of Baker. Nowadays, it is simply a variant of that name[2]. Despite being used for this Mobian family, Baxter is also the name of a human family, of which Susan Baxter of Central City is a member.

Notes and References

  1. Though it was part of Elsway during their settling there.
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