Basilia the the Moebian counterpart of Bella the Bandicoot. Unlike Bella, Basilia is very powerful and evil.


Basilia the Tyrant

Current Years and Days
Name Bella the Bandicoot
Profession(s), Occupation(s)
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age: 17(Present) 42(25 Years Later)
  • ??? lbs
  • Fur: Brown
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Orchid
  • Gender: Female
Attire [Clothing] Robotic Bio-Amor including helmet.
Affiliation(s) Evil
Romantic Interest(s)
  • Super Strength
  • Advanced Combat
  • Advance Piloting
  • Super Genuis
  • Weapons Expert
  • Bella the Bandicoot~Mobian Counterpart
  • Casimiro the Bandicoot~Older Brother
  • Carmela the Bandicoot~Little Sister
  • George "Papa" Bandicoot~Father
  • Alina "Mama" Bandicoot~Mother
  • Mario the Bandicoot~Cousin
  • Candy the Bandicoot~Cousin
  • ~Little Sister
  • Arnold the Bandicoot~Little Brother
Likes Killing, Revenge, Creating, Women, Training, Fighting
Dislikes Men, good, being bored, childish games,Moebius
  • Moebius
Current Residence
  • Planet Basilian
Alternative Names
  • Commander
  • Lord
  • Tyrant
Super Form(s)


English Voice Actor
  • Andrea Zafra
Japanese Voice Actor


Years of being rejected by men combined with failed experiments on mutating herself into the perfect woman took it's toll on Basilia. She went through a psychological trance that rendered her to eat and make herself non appealing so men would no longer be able to deny her. She became a mad scientist. She was fed up with men, and began to build robotic woman that weren't all that petite. They were given super strength and weapon knowledge. They each underwent physical training that if they failed they would be destroyed. Basilia made the perfect female only species. However she was merely laughed at by her threats against the planet. She left the planet along with her army, and took over a completely new planet with hopes of dominating a whole sector.

25 Years Later

Basilia succeeded in her goals of sector domination. Now she had a whole universe full of loyal armies all ready to attack Moebius. However Basilia was killed and her armies destroyed by Sonic and Iruka the Hedgehog(with the help of their armies of course.) However it is believed some Basilians managed to escape. They are still counted as universal criminals and are being searched for.


Unlike Bella, Basilia has a wide variety of abilities. She is an expert pilot, has superstrength, is a super genuis, has massive armies as well as leaderships skills, and sje is gifted in all types of weaponary.


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