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This is an article about Basil the Skunk, a character created by KatieTheHedgehogXD on 04/16/2015.

"Home is where the heart is, right? If that's true... My home is with you. Because I love you, Mommy..." ~Basil


Basil is a young, 8 year old male skunk that is .8 meters tall (2'6). He is mainly black with white areas on his muzzle, forearms, calves, and the tip of his tail. He has a large patch of white fur between his eyes that sticks up towards his ears, starting between his eyes. He has 2 white stripes extending from this tuft that go down towards his muzzle, stopping a few centimeters before they touch the top of his muzzle. He has long fur on his cheeks, and dark brown irises. He has 4 fingers (including his thumb), with cute, paw-like hands.


Basil is a cute, innocent child that doesn't fully understand everything most children know about Mobius. He's very friendly towards almost everybody; sometimes too friendly. His friendliness has gotten him in danger from being naive, being kidnapped by several people. Despite this, he continues being his happy, playful self. He gets a bit lonely being seperated from his best friend, Michelangelo, but he enjoys being with his mother and her friends. He loves going into the forests to look at the plants, growing up mostly on Earth's New York; in the sewers. Although he's had a rough life, he's happily looking forward to his life on Mobius with his loving family.


Before Mobius

Basil was originally from the TMNT universe; born in the New York sewers. Shortly after he was born, his mother was caught by an exterminator and killed. Eventually, he wandered into the turtle's hideout, and found Mikey. He was fed, and bathed, and warmed up to Mikey. He was hidden from the others for a while, until Donnie discovered Basil from the smell of skunk fumes. But they decided they would take care of Basil whenever he came around.

Eventually, Basil walked in while Gyro the Hedgehog and Simone the Fox (plus a few friends) found a portal to the TMNT universe. Basil found a stray puppy Mikey the Vamphog adopted, and he named her Bella. Yanshu the Mole somehow managed to turn Basil into a Mobian, and they fell in love with the cute little fuzzball. They took him home, and started taking care of him.

Mobian Life

After he was taken to Mobius, he started being taken care of by Simone and her friends. Basil kept saying he missed Michelangelo when he was at Simone's house, and started to cry. Simone took him back, considering leaving him there so he could be happy, but Basil told her that he wanted to stay with her, starting to cry again, and ended up staying on Mobius.

At times, Basil missed his friend, but he was happy being with Simone (Ty got him a little doll for when Basil missed Mikey). After a while, Simone's friend Helix the Porcupine took them to his home (the Sonic Boom universe), trying to get someone to notice him. Basil came along, and got kidnapped by Eggman. After saving him, Basil learned that looks can be decieving, and that he shouldn't run off with people alone. This is around the time he was adopted by Simone and Ty.

Then, he came back to the Turtle's world. He got kidnapped by the Kraang for a while, but got rescued by Eclipse the Chameleon and Mikey.


Basil doesn't have any special powers, but that may be changed in the future... (hint hint.)


Basil can sprint for long distances, but not fast enough for it to be a superpower. He can also see in the dark very well, and can spray just like any other skunk can. He can hear over long distances as well, but is usually ignorant of anything obvious.


Basil has learned how to climb trees (from his friend Joey), and as a result has become somewhat strong. He also is decently good at drawing for his age, watching Katie draw in her spare time. He loves helping his Mommy cook when she's making cookies or cakes, too, decorating them with random, "artistic" scribbles.


Basil has a bad sense of smell, possibly because he grew up in a sewer, constantly smelling waste and skunk spray. He also becomes paralyzed when someone picks him up from the back of his neck, much like a puppy. He's very naive as well, going off with anyone, wanting to play and make friends.

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