Cquote1 I may not be smart, but I always use my head! Cquote2

Bash the Rampardos is a male Rampardos apart of the Megastone Rogues. He was temporarily a Storm Fighter during the Great Rebellion, and, despite his lack of smarts, is a valuable and powerful member of the Alliance.


Being a Fossil Pokemon, Bash resembles a dinosaur. He is mostly gray with light blue stripes at various points of his body, a thick skull on his head that he uses to smash things, thick, powerful legs with one spike on each knee, and short arms with three fingers on each hand. He has red eyes and spikes surrounding his skull on his head.


Bash is a bit like Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic Boom) in that he loves fighting and smashing things, but this is more because of a Rampardos' nature. Despite his lack of smarts compared to his Teammates, Bash is still quite smart for his kind, acknowledging that he isn't smart, and making a pun out of the saying "use your head"


Bash's past is unknown, but he spent a great deal of his time as Cranidos as an Outsider before realizing the error of his ways and joining the Megastone Rogues. When the Great Rebellion started many years later, Bash-as Rampardos-was one of the warriors to make it away safely and join Austin's Storm Fighters. When the Rebellion ended and the Alliance reestablished, Bash returned to being a Megastone Rogue. He later helped in the Battle for Red Gate City, smashing aside a Shadow clone with his head.


Bash's moveset as Cranidos is unknown, but his current moveset is; he currently knows Head Smash, Stone Edge, Flamethrower, and Crunch(attack).


Bash's current Ability is Mold Breaker, which allows him to use attacks regardless of his opponent's Ability(i.e. Mimikyu's Disguise or Rotom's Levitate).


As with all Rampardos, Bash has very powerful legs that allow him to run far and fast, jump quite high despite his size, and(if he so chooses) deliver a powerful kick. His rock-hard head allows him to smash things as big as boulders with ease and come out unscathed, though this means his brain isn't very big, therefore meaning he isn't very smart.


Being a pure Rock-Type Pokemon, Bash is weak to Fighting, Ground, Water, Grass, and Steel-Type Pokemon. Because he isn't very smart compared to his Teammates, Bash can also be confused by people who use "big words" or science jargon(to be fair, other people are confused by this as well).


Bash is quite smart for his kind, but is still rather dumb compared to his Teammates.

  • Bash even acknowledges this himself, leading to him sometimes clashing with Knuckles (Sonic Boom), who tries to act smarter than him.
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