Sir Bartleby MontClair of Dresdin is a character that appears in the AngieYaz/RoseOfSharon reboot of Sonic Underground. He is a posh aristocratic mink and one of the richest civilians of Robotropolis.


Sir Bartleby MontClair of Dresdin.

He was Sonia the Hedgehog's fiancé, but she called off their engagement because she did not love him. Lady Anaris Windermere and her husband also secretly disapproved of the match, as it would result in Sonia forfeiting her claim to the Crown (upon the deaths of either Sonic or Manic), but Lord and Lady MontClair persisted.

Eventually, Bartleby was announced an enemy to Doctor Robotnik and was condemned via an act of attainder (legislators act in place of a judge and jury, with Robotnik signing it himself) to roboticization for high treason and conspiring with the Resistance against him, losing his titles and properties in addition. He was purposely condemned, thrown in jail and was scheduled to be roboticized, but the royal siblings helped him escape and he had to go into hiding to escape Robotnik's forces. In addition, much of his wealth was confiscated as well.


Pompous, conceited and narcissistic, Bartleby loves himself more than he does anyone else (except maybe Sonia), and he likes nothing better than drinking rosebud tea. He cares deeply for Sonia's welfare, despite these shortcomings, but thinks her brothers are a bad influence on her.


  • Bartleby apparently paid Dr. Robotnik yearly so he wouldn't be roboticized and/or imprisoned.
  • Bartleby has an appearance and personality similar to that of Antoine Depardieu from the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. In fact, the Depardieus and the Montclairs are friends.
  • Bartleby's roboticization from the waist down is similar to Bunnie Rabbot's situation where both her lower body and left arm were roboticized.
  • While he is voiced by Phil Hayes in the original series, he is voiced by Eric Stuart (voice of James in Pokemon) in the reboot.
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