Bartholomew Gehring is a


A slim hedgefox of average height, Bartholomew has yellow-orange fur patched with orange around his eyes and ears, peach skin and noticeable maroon eyes, Bartholomew is often thought of as a regal young man, and his very manner emphasizes that.


Normally, Bartholomew wears an oriental-styled shirt, a baby-blue shirt with sky-blue lining, separated by dark green thread. The collar and sleeve-ends of the shirt are purple, while a black and white ornate spider-head sits in the center of the shirt. His pants are a darker blue again, closer to cobalt blue, but with white spiderweb-like markings along the legs. His shoes are plain black.


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A member of the Gehring Family, Bartholomew possesses the genetic ability Rough Skin, which turns his skin into an abrasive when struck physically. This can protect the young man by forcing his opponents to attack from range, where his abilities in Nature and his insect-style training pay off.

As mentioned, Bartholomew is a trained fighter with Insect-style techniques, with his focus being on the "Path of the Spider", also dubbed as Spider Style. As an acolyte in this path, he is capable of using Florokinesis to alter his body to secrete web, which he can use in combat. At the same time, he is capable of fighting with hands, feet and his tail to such an extent that at his full speed, he appears to have eight arms through the blur. His florokinesis is mostly used in the creation of webs and vines, both of which he can use to drag his opponents into close-range and force them to either strike him, damaging themselves against his abrasive skin, or attempt to break free while he bites or strikes them.

Nature Abilities

Insect Abilities

Elementless Abilities


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