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Bartholomew "Blind" the Serval is a character by Monk the Cat.

He is a fifteen year old, blind serval with the ability to manipulate sound. He was born with his power to contradict his blindness.


"Blind" as he is known by most, usually acts very calm and wise. He doesn't get visibly angered easily. He can often seem to be focusing on thing besides what is around him. He is decently loyal to friends, but rarely takes orders.


He can manipulate sound to attack people and sense his surroundings. His echolocation/sonar can be used to find hidden enemies and items. He can also make small portals to move himself, others and things through. The portals can be made bigger through the help of his brother, "Phantom".


He is skilled in fighting with his body, sound and his weapons. He specializes in air based attacks, nimbly jumping about and kicking his foes. He isn't nearly as skilled with using his weapons, as he finds kicking someone to be more effective. He wears very tough gloves that can allow him to catch weapons in his hands so long as the force behind the blow isn't too strong. He also is quite skilled at climbing and parkour.

Items Currently in Possession

  • Large Tuning Fork: Made of a light metal and used to deal mostly non-lethal damage to opponents.
  • The "Split Sword": A strong metal sword that splits into two parallel blades and ends in two points.
  • "Blade Catchers": A pair of thick gloves that are designed to take blows from sharp or pointed weapons, so they don't damage the hands or gloves themselves. They can also be used to catch blades in certain situations.



Relationships with Other Characters


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