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Barry the Echidna

Biographical Information
Age 18
  • Unnamed parents (Deceased)
Romantic Interests (Pending)
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Echidna
Gender Male
  • Fur: Yellow, with a small messy 'fringe'
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Black beanie
  • Brown long-sleeved shirt
  • Black vest with forest green lining
  • Brown baggy pants
  • Yellow sandals
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Mecha Crushers (Leader)
Weaponry Dual Short Swords
  • Experienced swordsman with dual or single swords
  • Some skill with thrown weapons, such as knives and darts
  • Extremely agile - Able to leap from tree to tree with minimal exertion
  • Can mimic birdsong and animal cries to convey meanings
  • Tantrum Attack
  • X Slash
  • Spin Attack
  • Crush Kick
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Flashfire212

Barry the Echidna is the leader of a group known as the Mecha Crushers, a group of young people who lost their families to the Eggman Empire.


Barry lived in a small town with his parents, which was safe. His father was a merchant, selling fresh fruit and vegetables to the others in the town. They weren't rich, but they were happy. That changed when Eggman's armies found the town and decimated it. Horrified, Barry grabbed his father's swords and tried to fend off some of the robots, but there were too many and he fled, his town burning behind him. Horrified, the teenaged echidna swore revenge. Revenge he soon started to achieve, with commando runs first on his own, then with other kids that joined him. They caused mayhem, and quickly built a reputation for being a headache to Eggman's forces in the region. This angered Eggman, who tried many solutions to remove Barry and his group, recently named the Mecha Crushers, but none of the mechanical ideas worked. This forced him to hire The Destructix, lead by Fiona Fox. The mercenaries quickly started through the forest, playing Fiona as a girl who had fallen in love with Barry to get close to them, but Barry was to quick to realize that they were lying with the assistance of some of his friends to challenge Fiona to a fight, due to her leading the group. Barry won, but decided that they would flee the forest, and move the carnage to another city in order to fight Eggman again. The entire group headed off as refugees to Westopolis, ready to start again after a rest.


Barry has a pathological hatred for the Eggman Empire and anyone who works for them. This hatred has lead him in being rather uncontrollable, even when dealing with civilians who were forced to work for Eggman. He has a high opinion of the Mecha Crushers, feeling that they are an extreme threat and were causing extreme damage, but he was only thinking that in terms of the local area, not knowing just how large the Eggman Empire was. He also shows signs of being obsessive and paranoid about his enemy, feeling that Eggman is sending assassins after him to silence him. This is part of the truth, because Eggman was annoyed by the actions of Barry's people, and sent the Destructix after them. He is reasonably smart, capable of predicting Eggman's next military move and planning for the unknown. However, for all of these traits, Barry could be charming, friendly and magnetic towards people, with his sympathies lying with anyone who suffered at the hands of the Eggman Empire, or those who were desperate. This confirmed the loyalties of everyone who joined his freedom fighting group, and had him return the loyalty to them. He is also extremely charismatic, able to make friends with almost anyone or make women fall in love with him, often unintentionally.


Friends and Allies (The Mecha Crushers)

List being compiled


The Eggman Empire

Fiona Fox

Sergeant Simian

Predator Hawk

Flying Frog


Barry is unable to wield any form of energy, it not being in his genetic structure. However, to make up for that inability, he is a natural swordsman, and has been seen using thrown weapons like knives and darts. Just as skilled using a single sword as well as two, his skills with these weapons is at the point of him being able to defeat a super-strong giant and even the odds in his fight against Fiona Fox, not to mention fight multiple soldiers at once. He is reasonably fast, capable of leaping between trees rapidly to ambush Eggman units or to travel rapidly. Barry is skilled at using a variety of bird calls to communicate with his teammates, although he cannot communicate with non-anthropomorphic animals. Finally, due to his charisma and strategic abilities, he was able to build his own freedom fighter force, the Mecha Crushers and guide them to success.